Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday morning, we had planned to go do the second of our mini-shoots for me to submit to Lee Jeans as part of the Life In Lee photo contest. Unfortunately, we woke up to clouds everywhere. Sometimes, clouds are good for photos, but I had something specific in mind that I wanted to try, and it required sun.

By evening, it was still pretty hot, and we were debating whether or not to head out that night, or this morning. I told Justin that I really thought sunset would give us the best light opposed to sunrise, and that I just wished that there was a great open, empty field closer to home for us to give it a try. He pointed out that there was--at (his sister) Kelsey & Stump's house. I hadn't even thought about that, but we headed over after dinner, set up that tripod, and y'all...I'm kinda loving some of what we got!

LeeJeans13Align Center






As I mentioned in the post about our first mini-session one of my frustrations with using a tripod is that it's harder to nail exact focus on the eyes like I normally like. I thought about that some more, and decided that I wanted to try some back-lit photos with a lens flare-- because of the nature of back-lit photos, their focus isn't as sharp, so I thought that it might help make the softer focus of using a tripod look slightly more intentional.

Sometimes, having the opportunity to do photos like this is really important for me--in stepping outside my normal comfort zone, I did something that I don't normally do. These aren't technically perfect, but they make me all ooey gooey inside...and how can that be wrong when it comes to a photo?

What do you think? Which would you pick to be submitted to the Life In Lee contest?

Also, don't forget to enter the contest yourself--especially you Katie, since I know you already wear Lee Jeans!

Here's how it works--take a photo or two of yourself just doing life. The only requirement is that a pair of Lee Jeans must be featured somewhere in the photo. Then go to Lee's Facebook Page to submit YOUR photo for a chance to win a trip to NYC, $500 spending money, and $500 towards the purchase of a new camera! Not too shabby, eh?

Disclosure Stuff: Justin and I both received a pair of jeans free of charge from Lee Jeans as part of this campaign. However, as I mentioned last time, I actually already love Lee Jeans and purchase them on my own accord--so in the above photos, Justin was wearing his freebies from Lee, but I was wearing a pair of Lee Jeans that I already owned. Still, I'm blessed that Lee offered me the opportunity to receive a pair for free (thanks again Chelsea!) as part of participating in this campaign. Lastly, just for the record, neither of us received any other form of compensation from Lee or any other source for this post.


  1. Okay so I wanna know how to do this! I have tried doing sunset pictures kind of like this, but can NEVER catch the flare or make it look as yellow'y--it ends up more "bright white"..


  2. LOVE these!! I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!! :)

  3. Those pictures are beautiful and I would LOVE to have something like this of my family! I have the same problem as Katie that my pictures just won't turn out that warm and yellow.

    It is really hard to pick a favorite but I think I'd pick the kissing one. And there is even a horse in the background, so awesome!!!

  4. I love love LOVE the one of you and Justin kissing with the horse in the background. Adorable.

  5. The lighting is amazing! Great pictures.

  6. Oh Meredith! These are are so pretty. I love the kissing one and especially the one below it where you are leaning against Justin.

  7. These are so pretty! I love them ALL!


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