Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Ah, we're home. It sure is nice to be here, but it was also really nice to have spent the past (almost) week at my aunt and uncle's lake house in Cour d'alene, Idaho. I mean, who doesn't want to wake up to this view every morning?!


Overall, the trip was just a huge blessing. We drove up to Portland last Wednesday after J got off work, and my aunt and uncle were nice enough to let us spend the night at their house. The next day, we were able to meet up with my college roommate Lisa--she and her boyfriend Lars live in Norway now, so it was a happy coincidence that they were going to be in the Portland area the same time we were, and we met them for lunch.



Then, we continued on the looonnnggg drive to Idaho. But we made it, and even without a DVD player for Lizzy.



We both got to do a little wakeboarding...I had forgotten how much I absolutely love it. My heart is happy just thinking about it.


Justin even wakeboarded in his new jeans for that Life in Lee photo contest...we just thought it would be something a little fun and unique!


And Lizzy and I accidentally made the American flag with our clothes one night at dinner :)


{mom & dad}

Overall, it was just such a blessing to be able to go, and to spend some time together doing nothing and everything. But coming home? That's pretty amazing too...even though today just might require five or six cups of coffee to get back to the daily grind!


  1. What a gorgeous view! You and Lizzy are so cute together - it looks neat.

  2. Beautiful pictures! What a great getaway.

  3. Welcome back, I have missed you!!

  4. Infestation of neonazis aside, Cour d'Alene is eye-splittingly gorgeous.

  5. Looks like a fun weekend! You and Justin are both looking buff.

  6. Goodness sakes, I couldn't love this post more.

    a) You look GORGEOUS in that first picture with your roomie and Lizzy!

    b) Did I say GORGEOUS?!

    c) I've never been to Idaho. I want to go and since I'd be so close, see you too!

    d) Love the flag.

    e) Love the wakeboarding in jeans! And the beautiful sky in the other boarding shot.


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