Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Table Rock--August 2011

This past Sunday morning (before everyone and their mother got God-awful sick), we headed out to climb Table Rock. Upper & Lower Table Rock are two amazing volcanic plateaus, and probably the most popular hiking spots in Southern Oregon--you can actually see one of the Table Rocks in the background of some of our sunset photos! Anyway, the Takelma Indian tribe used to live on the rocks, but during the gold rush, the settlers attempted to force them off the land and into reservations. Rumor has it that many of the Takelma actually jumped off the side of the rocks rather than leave their land.

Sometime in the 80's, it became a protected area (we have quite a few of those in Southern Oregon), and the Boy Scouts carved up several trails to the top--Upper Table Rock, which we did, is about 2.5 miles up and down.





Renee's mom Angel just recently moved here, and I am glad she came with us--it was her first time up to the top!




Climbing Table Rock 5 Times is actually on my 101 in 1001 List--and I'm happy to say that this time went MUCH better than it ever has in the past. Normally (pre-pregnancy), it's really a struggle for me in terms of my asthma, and the fact that I'm allergic to everything green that you see in the above photos. This time, I was out of breath, but not wheezing, which was awesome. I don't know whether it's Insanity or me growing out of my exercise-induced asthma, but I actually forgot to pick up my inhaler refill almost three months ago, and I could count on one hand the number of times I've wished I had it!

What a blessing to have stuff like this in Southern Oregon! 


  1. Oh Man! That picture of Justin and Lizzy pointing to the same thing? It melts me!

    And Meredith - you are looking amazing by the way!

  2. This post has me jonsing for a good workout! Too bad I can't do anything about that for another 17 weeks :(

    Love that you guys have such an awesome landmark. That's how I feel about living right on Lake Michigan. Sometimes I think we don't realize what we have. It's good to have the reminder :)

  3. How cool!! I actually have asthma, too, and I usually have to take an inhaler before a run. It hypes me up, lol.

  4. You look absolutely incredible! Such a fun family outing :)

  5. Nice pics. Looks like a hell of a view.

  6. I love your pics Meredith! That is something I have wanted to do but never have...motivating!

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  8. What a beautiful place. Go you!


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