Monday, May 18, 2009

Dang Pizza Braid

Tonight for the band dinner, I tried making a Pizza Braid. I filled one with pepperoni, tomato sauce, and mozarella cheese. I filled the other with ground beef, tomato sauce, bacon, onion, and mozarella cheese. It would have been really good, but the bottoms of both of the pizza braids were pretty much burnt, but the tops were still almost gooey pizza dough. I have no idea what happened or what to do differently. At first, I thought it was the pan, but I used two different pans and they were both burnt. I think I'm gonna blame it on the old church oven.


  1. When all else fails, blame it on the oven ;) Maybe the oven wasn't hot enough AND the pans played a part in it? Just a thought.

  2. That's probably the way to go.

  3. That sounds fantastic even if it was burned a little bit.

  4. I made one last night! It looked pretty awesome, tasted pretty good (especially considering it was my first attempt and we had no pizza sauce so I used canned tomatoes instead) but parts of the dough were a bit gooey. I think maybe it is important to make sure the dough is rolled a bit thinner than a normal pizza since you are essentially eating twice the amount of dough with each bite. At least that's my plan for the next round. :D Cool idea, thanks for the tip!

  5. Sorry it didn't turn out right. It probably was the over though. I may have to try this recipe though. It looks really good!


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