Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet Hubby

I had a terrible day today. In the last 20 minutes alone, my car battery died, and I found that my cat puked all over the carpet. And the rest of my day has pretty much followed suit. I came home and immediately laid down in bed--I needed a few minutes to compose myself before I had a complete mental breakdown.

J came into the room a few minutes ago, and told me that he had made me something yummy. I headed out to the kitchen, and was excited to see a smoothie waiting for me. However, upon tasting it, I noticed a rather...well....odd combination of flavors. After prying Justin a little bit about what was in this smoothie, I finally got the list out of him, and it's just too funny not to share.

The Sweet Justin Smoothie contained:
-Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream
-Raspberry Jam
-Fresh Strawberries
-Fresh Green Grapes
-Rainbow Sherbet
-Hot Chocolate Mix
-Mixed Berry Yogurt
-And lastly, per Justin, "Love".

Who even thinks to combine all those things into a smoothie?! And even more...he thinks it's absolutely delicious! Good try babe...I do appreciate the effort!


  1. lol, well it's the thought and effort that counts right?

  2. You had me at raspberry jam.

  3. Oh my gosh, Meredith. That's hilarious, and really SO sweet! :) Sounds like something my husband would do - even if it's GROSS. :)

  4. Justin, Justin, Justin.... *shakes head* You sure are getting a lot of laughs from our house. :) We love you! Haha.

  5. What an unbelievably thoughtful attempt. :D And honestly, it sounds unbelievably overwhelming with flavor as well. It must have distracted your from your woes, mission accomplished! ;)

  6. Ah, that's so cute though!

  7. It sounded pretty good until the chocolate - but now that I think about it- it might be good. . . chocolate goes with anything, right?


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