Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Texts From Last Night

Have y'all seen the Texts From Last Night website? I stumbled across it via Beth's Blog, and I have to say, while a lot of them can be pretty vulgar (and probably not work safe!), but it cracks me up! Here's a few that I found humorous:

- I think my vagina is haunted

-Just took a sink shower in Arbys bathroom

-What the hell am I supposed to do with 50 gallons of mayo?

-My boobs are a 3G dead zone. As soon as i take my phone out of my bra, it has a signal again.

-Note to self. Never fart in a tanning bed

-Only in Alabama do they play hymns in a bar!!!

-I woke up this morning and I couldn't find my coffee table.

-Apparently they started giving me water shots and I couldn't tell the difference

-In the car with my brother. His CD went from 2pac to Taylor Swift. I'm concerned. It wasn't a mistake, he knows all the words.

-(361): What are these yellow papers in the kitchen?
(1-361): These are the tickets we got last night.
(361): Did i sign this one as Grizzly Bear?
(1-361): Yes...yes you did.

-I just realized that the word 'turd" is present in Saturday

-(404): FYI..good luck when you get back from work.. mom and dad know about the boy you brought home last night
(1-404): haha good one..how did you even know?
(404): we all know. he obviously didn't leave when you might have told him to.. he came down when we were eating because he coud smell mom's cooking. the dude ate with us and offered to say grace. so yeah, good luck.


  1. These are too funny!

    "Did I sign one as grizzly bear?" Can't see anyone we know doing that...? lol.

  2. all i read was vagina haunted and I was rolling on the damn floor! great first read!

  3. The last one is hands down my favorite...I can't even imagine that one---oh the horror!

  4. Kept me entertained during feedinga that's for sure!

  5. Wow, way to brighten my day! Those are hilarious! The things some people think, let alone say... :-)

  6. Lol, B loves this site and is constantly reading me stuff from it. I laugh just thinking about the thought process behind some of these!

  7. I have never heard of this! I love the turd one. I have never realized it!


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