Sunday, May 10, 2009

My garden doesn't grow.

Folks,I'm pretty darn close to giving up on gardening. Since it doesn't look like we'll have our land tilled soon enough to plant a garden, I went ahead and transferred the plants from the packages they came in into bigger pots. I followed all the transplanting instructions, and today, the damn plants are looking terrible! They're all droopy, even though they're staked. How is that even possible? I'm wondering if I didn't water the plants enough after transplanting. I suppose that because they're in significantly bigger pots, there's significantly more dirt, which necessitates significantly more water. I thought I gave them plenty, but I went out today, and the dirt was already hard as a rock.

Hopefully I didn't already kill the little darlings and they'll be looking good as new in the morning! Really though, this is so frustrating!


  1. I have to water mine all the time because they're in pots. One of the big tomato plants is in a smaller pot and it requires a TON of water it seems. The 2 big tomatoes and the cucumber plants are all droopy by the time I get home. It's also been really hot out (upper 90s) this whole week. I give all of mine a good drenching every night before I go to bed. I think I'm going to change to the morning though because of the heat. I rather them have a little more water throughout the day and hopefully they won't get the mid afternoon droop. GL with yours. Hopefully they'll come back.

  2. I hear you- I am having a hard time too. I don't think I have ever grown anything from seed successfully yet.


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