Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So, I paid my credit card bill late this month, which I HATE HATE HATE. I recognize that no matter what, it's ultimately my fault. But it wasn't even that I didn't have money to pay the credit's just that the dang due date for Citi Bank's Credit Cards changes so often and I lost track of when it was due this month! It's never a set date, though it's usually between the 10-15 of the month (though I've had at least one payment randomly due on the 28th, and another randomly due on the 25th). This month, I checked my account on the 7th, and the payment was already due on the 4th. I know it's my fault for not checking into it sooner, but it is really frustrating not to have a fixed payment date.

And then, even though I made a payment as soon as I saw it was late, I've been getting calls from their freaking collections department at all hours. Hello, I already made a payment, and even if I hadn't, I wasn't even a week late when they started calling. And I'm sure they'll raise my APR too. Bah.

Like I said, I KNOW it's my fault, but it's just frustrating for me to be late, especially since we had been doing so well with snowballing our debt!


  1. I'm late all the time too... It's only normally by a few days, but i have racked up late charges which SUCK! Don't you just hate being in charge of paying the bills?! I feel ya!

  2. gosh I completely understand I LOATHE that.

  3. you worry too much! Deep breaths...

  4. I've had it happen. I also hate that their due date is never the same!

  5. That stinks! So strange that they would call after only a week. They have other customers they should be MUCH more concerned about!


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