Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 19

-19 weeks pregnant. I can now feel my uterus right around my belly button. I'm hoping when it pushes above the belly button, I'll lose this "two-bump" business.

-I've developed a rash all over my hands and feet that the doctor thinks is pregnancy related. I actually thought it was scabies since it's mostly on my hands and feet, but the doctor doesn't think so because the bumps aren't red, and doesn't want to see me until Sept 1st. Even Hydrocortisone cream doesn't really give me any relief, so I may end up calling again. I was up pretty much all night because of it. Benadryl helps, but totally knocks me out.

-According to "How Big Is Baby for Dads--the fruit free guide", the baby is about the size of a softball, or 10 inches long including the legs. Baby is now also swallowing and digesting amniotic fluid.

-I'm having serious round ligament pain.

-I ordered Belly Laughs and the La Leche League books off of Paperback Swap. I'm interested to see how I like those!

-Still no movement.

ETA: I think we're going to take most of your advice and seriously buckle down and try to live on J's income alone, or at least to save as much of my income as possible. I guess in my rambling I wasn't totally isn't necessarily that we can't afford to live on J's income alone. In terms of the budget itself, we're very close. We just haven't successfully made it happen yet, which I think is partially because we don't have to yet. In my experience, when we have more money available, we "need" more things. When we know that we don't have any money available, what we "need" becomes totally different.


  1. That should go away soon. Don't you just hate the awkward stage!!! I got that rash too!!

  2. This too will pass yet as you are experiencing them, it seems like you will be pregnant and having wierd things happening to your body forever. The nice thing is that you will tend to forget the bad stuff once you feel that beautiful baby in your arms!- Mom

  3. Yikes - is it PUPPS? I've heard that is a pain in the butt! Good luck to you. :)

  4. hi!
    i just came across your blog and saw that we both: love God, and are 19 weeks pregnant:))!
    well, ok, it's my third baby, but nevertheless, it made me smile.
    have a wonderful day!
    ivana (from croatia, europe)


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