Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meal Plan Tuesday

Since some of you guys were interested in the meal plan I've worked out, I thought I'd post it. Already, there are a few changes to the plan--for example, I had planned to do pork tacos with leftover shredded pork from the weekend, but then last night at the birthday party for Justin's parents, we ended up having Mexican, so that may be changed a bit...for me, the ONLY way the meal plan works is if I'm a little flexible! Especially now that I'm pregnant...some nights, what I have planned just does NOT sound appealing! Plus, we typically have commitments Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights by 6pm...so if one of us ends up working late, sometimes there can be some serious re-arranging going on!

Also, for the weekends, I don't usually plan the entire weekend because I never really know where we'll be or what we'll be up to. I try to make sure I've got dinner for at least one night covered, but other than that, it tends to be by the fly.

I also typically only plan out the main course. We always have plenty of bagged salad, frozen veggies, and fresh fruit, so I just do some slicing and/or steaming and I'm good to go.

-Mon 9/24: Tacos with Justin's parents
-Tues 9/25: Black beans, brown rice, pork, and Yumm Sauce. J can have cereal if he won't eat it.
-Wed 9/26: Crock Pot Chicken and Dumplings
-Thurs 9/27: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup OR Salads
-Friday 9/28: Leftovers/ Scrounge Around
-Sat 9/29: J's company summer party...we'll probably have at least one meal there.
-Sun 9/30: Lasagna

-Mon 8/31: Grilled Chicken
-Tuesday 9/1: Dinner Out after big ultrasound!
-Wed 9/2: Leftovers
-Thursday 9/3: Crock Pot Taco Soup
-Friday 9/4: Kev's football game...maybe Brown Sugar Chicken (new recipe!), maybe leftovers.


  1. Sounds delicious!! I followed one of your link's to the crock-pot blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing!! :-) I hope to start doing menu planning someday, but right now I don't know if I could stick to it!

  2. Thanks for posting- I think I'm going to try that crock pot taco soup. I've been meaning to check out that website- I've been wanting to start using my crockpot once a week especially now that fall is upon us!

  3. Totally trying brown sugar chicken. Thanks for sharing, Meredith!

  4. Good job! I am impressed you did so much. I cannot understand how people can plan out all three meals and snacks and stuff. I am way to - i don't know what- for that.


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