Friday, August 21, 2009

The Kinkos Guy just made my day....

I was at Kinkos this morning dropping off a graphic about the band to have it mounted to some foam board for the concert tonight. It's just a basic design with the band's name, photo, mission statement, etc. People seem to really enjoy reading it at the concerts. The following conversation occurred between me and the Kinkos guy:

Kinkos Guy: Let me take a look at the graphic and see what we can do.
[I hand him the CD with the pdf file]
Kinkos Guy: Oh, wow....this looks great! Can I ask who does your graphics?
Me: I do them.
Kinkos Guy: Really, YOU did this? It's not a downloaded layout? Did you do the photography too?
Me: Yeah, I did the photography, and no, it's not a downloaded layout.
Kinkos Guy: Did you go to design school?
Me: No...I'm just kind of a nerd and I like playing around with Photoshop.
Kinkos Guy: Well, this is much better than the self-designed stuff I usually see.

Ha! I'm finally kind of figuring out Photoshop!


  1. Love it! That's awesome. I love it when random people say the things that just make you float through the day!

  2. Nice! I love to get compliments from random people. It really makes your days!

  3. Compliments like that are the best. Not to be creeptastic but I love your hubs' curly hair. My hubs has curly hair too!!!


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