Monday, August 24, 2009

Over the weekend....

-We went grocery shopping and stocked up on food. I actually did a meal plan through the second week in September, and I know this is a no-brainer, but it was AMAZING how much less we spent when we actually knew what we were planning to make! And it is AMAZING to have home-cooked meals! I'll post up a meal plan in the next couple of days if anyone is interested.

-The fair was a great time! It was hot, but not as hot as last year when it was 112 degrees, so I'm not complaining! I do need to clean up my eating after the fair-food, fast food, and ice cream filled weekend though!

-I think I have self-diagnosed my rash as being eczema. I've had little itchy bumps just like this before, but just one or two, not my entire hands, feet, armpits, and stomach! Seriously though, I almost cried at about 2am last night. I've been using both Cortizone and the non-steroid Sarna lotions coupled with Benadryl, but I'm still hardly sleeping at night...last night, I slept with ice-packs on my hands and feet.

-I also had my first "it's a girl" ultrasound dream last night. It was a bizarre dream--first, they had somehow done the ultrasound without me being actually present, and had told my brother in law the sex of the baby. He then told me congrats without realizing that I didn't actually know the sex yet. I was pretty ticked. And then the dream turned into a nightmare when I discovered that the baby's skin was on inside out.

- I had no desire to see GI Joe, but we went with my dad and sister yesterday, and it was actually pretty good! Sienna Miller looks totally different, and much hotter as a brunette!

-We made the recipe for Auntie Anne's soft pretzels from The Long Haul over the weekend. Actually, Justin pretty much made them after I blacked out. Nice. Aparently, it had been too long since I had eaten. Anyway, J did a great job! I've never had an actual Auntie Anne's pretzel, so I can't attest to the authenticity, they were pretty darn good!

-We got our glider, which Justin assembled in the living room and then determined that it doesn't fit through the door to the bedroom while assembled. I think it may have to go out in the garage for awhile since we still have to rip up the carpets, paint, etc in the nursery-to-be.


  1. Meal planning is my secret weapon to keeping grocery costs down. And I'd love to see your meal plan!

    I can relate to the glider issue - when ours arrived in a big box on our doorstep, the box wouldn't fit through the front door. I had to open it up on our porch and bring it inside piece by piece, LOL.

  2. You blacked out, hope you were OK after that - does not sound fun. Those pretzels sound awesome!

  3. I used to plan meals 3-4 days a week before Cameron was born. I absolutely loved doing it, I'm not sure why I stopped! I'd be interested in seeing your plan!
    Also, just an FYI- most standard cribs do not fit through doorways when assembled. I didn't know this, but Jon (who moves furniture for a living) informed me that the biggest pain in the but when moving someone is taking apart their crib, and setting it back up. Might save you some time there!

  4. Have you talked to your allergist about your rash? (I'm assuming you have one because of your crazy allergies). They may offer something to help sooth your skin better. Hang in there!

  5. Auntie Anne's?!?! So freaking good. You know their HQ is right near me? Ahh... Did they taste as good as the ones from he store?

  6. I wish I would get on board with the meal planning. I am excited to see your meal plan.

    All in all, sounds like a pretty fabulous weekend to me!

  7. Wow- you made pretzels?! I am excited to try them.

    I am glad you menu planned- I cannot seem to do it.

    Weird dream.

    glad you like GI Joe- I heard it was not good at all . . . Glad to know someone who liked it.


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