Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For Your Entertainment...

So, I mentioned previously that I figured I'd make Lizzy a little smash cake for her birthday. HOW HARD COULD THAT BE?! I stocked up on Betty Crocker Cake mix and some strawberry icing. I had purchased both a box of vanilla and a box of chocolate cake mix, so I figured I'd go with the vanilla first. Followed all the instructions to the T, rather than just tossing things in the bowl like I usually do. Baked for the recommended amount of time, pulled the cake out, and let it cool in the pan, on a rack, away from the oven for an hour.

After the hour was up, I went to flip the cake onto a plate to ice it...and the whole thing crumbled to pieces. It was worse than cornbread. I swore up a storm, and tossed the cake in the trash. I scoured Betty Crocker's website to look for suggestions, and it mentioned that  crumbly cakes could be due to either overbaking, not letting it cool long enough, or using too-small eggs. I had used eggs from my sister-in-law's chickens, and I thought they might be smaller than average, so I vowed to try it again the next day with the chocolate cake mix.

So, I followed all the instructions, using store bought eggs, and baked the cake for the shortest amount of time recommended on the box. I removed the cake, and let it cool for FIVE HOURS. Then, I attempted frosting it, and this is what happened:


It held together a little better (compared to not at all), but once I started frosting it (and yes, the frosting was at room temp), the whole thing crumbled. I tried to salvage it my making it a two tiered cake, but that just didn't work at all. Cake Making? FAIL. And as I find myself saying quite often on this blog, it's okay...you can laugh.

Justin wanted me to serve Ugly-Cake anyway, but they had a small one layer cake at the local grocery store for $2.98, so I told him there was no way I was serving the Ugly-Cake. Plus, the strawberry frosting in a can is maybe the most putrid thing I have ever tasted.

On the upside, the Snickers Trifle looked really good.



It tasted delicious too, if I do say so myself. And yay to me for only having a small taste instead of eating the entire thing...Lord knows I could have!


  1. A for effort on your little cake:) I am going to attempt to make our kids birthday cake in a few weeks...a sledding hill cake. I may be crazy or stupid. We shall see.

  2. I am LITERALLY salivating at this entire blog post. I hate eating healthy.

  3. At least you tried! And honestly, the store bought cakes are so good, it's hard to convince me to even try to make one these days! Happy birthday to Lizzy (I'm behind on my google reader, but definitely want to wish her a happy 1st!)

  4. oh my goodness - that snickers trifle is all I can think about. Cake shmake - three cheers for the trifle!

  5. Post the recipe for the Snickers trifle-yum!!!

  6. Well... What a Delicious post!...
    makes my mouth wather...
    Must try to make the snickers trifle ...!

  7. Next time we have a reunion get together let's make your snicker dream and my oreo cake and get full.

  8. Lol! Sounds like you and I are similar in our cake-making catastrophes!

  9. I've never been able to ice cakes, good or not. Don't worry. It's an art, I think. And I don't have it.

  10. This is so funny! You may remember I've had my share of cake decorating problems!! Now that trifle looks soo good!!


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