Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I know, I know..."snippeters" isn't a real word. Oh well. I'm not sure that "snippets" is either. So there.

-Tomorrow, I do the big dreaded 20 minute run for Couch to 5k. I'm nervous...I'm not sure that I've really ever ran for 20 minutes. Even in high school when I was playing basketball or softball, we never ran the mile or anything. We did conditioning, but it wasn't *just* running. Anyway, I'm nervous. I think I can do it, but I'm also kind of scared that I can't.

-Do you guys have the alarm clock fight? Seriously. Justin's alarms start going off every morning at 5-something AM. Which would be fine, except that they continue to go off until 7-something AM, which is when he actually gets up. And it irritates the ever-living-daylights out of me because while he can sleep through anything, I cannot. And half the time, by the time the first alarm starts going off, I have been asleep for approximately 15 minutes, after getting up with Lizzy {have I mentioned that she is getting all four of her molars, and we are in teething hell?} Anyway, Justin's alarm clock went off at 5-something AM this morning, and we had the following conversation:

Me (trying to shake Justin awake): Babe, your alarm is going off.
Justin: I know. I hear it.
Me: Well could you turn it OFF for God sake?
Justin: No, I love the sound. It is music to my soul. Ah OOOO Gah. Ah OOOOO Gah. Isn't that nice?
Me: Seriously? Turn off your stupid alarm. It's been going off for like half an hour.
Justin: Ah OOOO Gah. {Incomprehensible gibberish} singing along?

At that was the point in which I realized that he was TOTALLY still asleep. To be fair, I have some weird recollection of trying to wake Justin up in the middle of the night to tell him something he had to remember about giving someone a shot...which is obviously something that I have no knowledge about, but apparently I thought I was just little miss smarty pants at 3am. I might be just a little sleep deprived.

-I am totally wondering why I didn't add "Go to IKEA" to my 101 in 1001 list. I have never been there. Nor do I own anything from IKEA.

- Lizzy's pediatrician gave us unexpected food advice at our 12-month well baby. They have always been pretty conservative with food, (they recommended only purees until at least 10 months, while we went with an approach closer to baby led weaning, but did also use purees too), so I was really surprised that he told us that at 12 months, anything is fair game. Peanut butter, honey, anything. He says that these are the latest recommendations based on the research...but I'm not sure that we'll follow, especially when it comes to honey. Justin used to work at a bee farm, and he wasn't sold on introducing honey either. Has anybody else heard this?


  1. Not sure how your hubs would react to this, but can you just change his alarm for him?? That's definitely what I would do :)

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  3. I don't know what's more shocking- the honey/peanut butter thing or the fact that you've never been to IKEA! I (obviously) love it- a little more than I should, actually! haha

  4. my jaw is on the floor. about the ikea thing.

  5. Hi,

    I don't think I've ever commented on your blog but have been following it since Lizzy was born :-)

    I'm a mom of 3 and my 3rd girl was born around the same time like your little one.

    I just got back from her 12-month check-up and it's interesting because my pediatrician said that I can start with giving her honey but to hold back on the peanut butter :-) With my other 2 girls I always waited with the peanut butter until they were 2. But then again, that might have been before the new recommendations came out. For now I'm planning to wait on both and am not sure when I'll try to give them to her. It's so confusing and I feel like after the 3rd one I should know what I'm doing but that's just not the case ;-)

    On the 20 minute run. You can do this!!!! Really!!! It does sound hard and it is at first but you'll finish it and you'll be so proud of yourself. I did the couch program last year and was thinking the exact same way and couldn't even think I'd ever run 5 minutes, let alone a 5K.
    For me the first 10 minutes were really hard but once I passed those it went pretty good!!! Good luck!!!

  6. Food wise I think it is totally what you feel comfy with. We let Eva try a PB&J last week and it was fine. We have absolutely no allergies to food in our family, so I felt pretty good about it.

    We are waiting on honey - since it isn't pasteurized and there is the very very slightest chance it could get her sick. I hate when she is sick.

    Ikea can be fun, addicting or overwhelming. So procede with caution. :)

  7. The research they are talking about is the study that suggests that food allergies develop because the child is not exposed early. So they have changed everything. Whoever they is.

    Mason was eating cereal at 14 weeks, not in a bottle, but actually eating. With gusto. He had baby food at 4mos, table food at 6mos and we have never looked back. This worked for our family....he is an eater.

    We didn't do sugar for the first year, but eggs were early, peanut butter and milk at 12mos....still haven't done the honey thing. Botulism is scary. I don't think they can get it from pasteurized honey though.

    The old info suggested not having anything with honey....meaning bread, some pizza crust, graham crackers etc.....I think it is what works for your family.

  8. We have the same exact alarm fights and problems! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! And I've already warned him I'll actually kill him over it once we have a baby...

    Ahhh! I get ticked just thinking about it!

    Recently, I've taken to slugging him, though he can sleep through that, too...

  9. I'm totally with you on the alarm clock fight. My husband is a snooze button hitter and it drives me crazy!

  10. First, you will rock the 20 minute run. I'm sure of it. And even if it doesn't go well, you'll get back on the horse and try again a couple days later. No biggie. :)

    The alarm issue must be a man thing. So annoying.

    And food...we've already introduced both eggs and peanut butter. Like a pp said, those we both allergy issues and the recommendations have changed. Honey though, I'm leery of. It's not an allergy issue, it's botulism, so we are waiting on that one for sure, especially because we only eat raw honey.

  11. One thing I love about night shift. No alarm clock. It is definitely a man thing!

    Jaxon has had eggs... (ya ya ya) and he loves them. He isn't a year old yet, but I think we will wait on the honey past a year. Like Kristal^ said, it's not an allergy issue, but a botulism issue.

  12. UGH! Matt does that with the alarm clock too and I hate it! I can't fall back asleep because I don't want HIM to oversleep! Silly boys!!!

  13. We definitely have alarm clock wars. I get SO irritated when he sets his alarm and DOESN'T get up. HELLO! You set an alarm to WAKE up. Not lay there and roll around. It pisses me off every.single.morning. I told him I was going to start sleeping with a baseball bat so I can shut the alarm off, and if he just happened to be in the way, that was just too bad. :)

  14. Ive never been to IKEA either! And yeah...our pedi told us the same thing.

  15. ° The Alarm Clock' fight definitely was part of my life specially on the first half of last year. Now with him being far away I kind of miss it...

    ° Food wise in South America babies are fed honey since they're lil tiny babies... we sometimes use it as sweetner for tea or sometimes even milk... it's supposed to calm them.

    ° Abt IKEA I've lived in the US for 6 months last year and never steped in one of their stores, always wanted to, but never got to go...so I'm with you on that one...

  16. I'd kill John if he did the alarm thing. I now sleep through his, but he's never been a snoozer. I've trained myself to wake up to a much quieter alarm since my super loud one used to wake up John. I used to wake up earlier than him so I only thought it was fair to him. Maybe that's how you need to present it to Justin. As a fairness, but also respect for your sleep schedule.

  17. Ok, weird question here. Would you mind emailing me??? I have a private question to ask you regarding the DIY boudoir photos you did for your hubby. I hope this doesn't sound too stalkerish and you don't mind!!

  18. I hate honey. It's icky.

    I also hate significant others who don't get up with their alarm clocks after the first ring. I can usually go back to sleep after one ring. I can't after an hour of it going off every seven minutes.

  19. Also, how have you never been to IKEA?


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