Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Things

-We are still in teething hell. Friday and Saturday, poor Lizzy had a fever and was just miserable. Then, yesterday and Sunday, she no longer had a fever, but was obviously still hurting despite the motrin. Unfortunately, that manifested itself as Lizzy being absolutely naughty. She bit. She threw food on purpose. She spit her milk at me. She hit. She screamed in the highest pitch scream known to man. She threw huge and elaborate tantrums over everything. On one hand, I feel badly for her because she is obviously in pain. On the other hand, she has definitely been trying my patience lately. HOLY COW. Moms--what did you do when your kiddos this age threw all out tantrums? We've been doing the time-out thing, which Lizzy obviously understands, but I haven't noticed much of a difference in behavior at this point. I'm just hoping that today brings my usual happy kiddo back.

-In the face of all this craziness with Lizzy, Justin will probably be going out of town for work soon. I've been trying not to grumble too much to him, but it SUCKS for so many reasons--Lizzy has been a handful lately, and I so appreciate his help. Lizzy knows when it's (roughly) time for dad to be home, and stares at the window and says, "Dada? Dada?" over and over...she's going to miss him. Plus, every time he's out of town for work, I have these awful morbid realizations that this is what it would be like if he died. Seriously morbid, and seriously depressing. And consequently, I battle some serious anxiety whenever he's gone. I think I might go stay at my parent's house for a few days, and then I'm hoping that between Bible Study and Mom's Group, I'll keep fairly busy.

-I'm waaaaaaaayyyyy behind the times and I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and so far, I really like it. I've temporarily lost interest in Outlander #4.

-I've continued as usual with the Couch to 5k program, and finished W6D2 last night. I have to say that it was really hard to go back to the intervals! I think they are harder than the distance runs! I really felt like I was dragging this week. But the crazy thing is that I'm done with the intervals. On Wednesday, I'll run a 25 minute run, and then after that, I'll run one week's worth of 28 minute runs and one week's worth of 30 minute runs. It's kind of funny, because even after running for 20 minutes the other day, those 25, 28, and 30 minute runs still feel kind of unattainable. But I just plan to keep tossing motivational messages up on the wall, and go for it. The REAL trick will be whether or not I'll be able to continue running while Justin is gone! 

- Speaking of running, if you're lucky enough to have an iPhone (I am not, but Justin was able to buy one through his work) or possibly an Android, the RunKeeper Pro app is free through the rest of the month. It's normally $9.99, so I'd jump on it if you think you'll EVER use it!


  1. poor lizzy. i hope things get better quickly. my son was a handful and a half when his molars came in so i feel your pain! & thanks for the tidbit about runkeeper pro! i downloaded it while it was free even though i doubt i'll use it right away! too cold here to run!

  2. Sending good vibes your way and hoping Lizzie gets to feeling better soon. My LO is drooling like crazy so I am thinking she may start teething soon. Holy cow isn't thatt a lil soon?

    Your not the only one that thinks about your spouse dying. I was worse about it when I was pregnant. I would always think about him being gone and I would be on my own with a baby. Scary thought, I don't know how single moms do it.

  3. Do you run with Lizzie?? Or always when your hubby is home. I'm going to download that app. Not because I run...um..I DONT. But I might. One day....

    and GO YOU. seriously, inspired by you.

    and I also have those morbid "if you died" thoughts...and it freaks me out. majorly.

  4. Thank you for the app rec, just downloaded it to the droid! I hope Lizzy feels better - we're in the first teething stage with Thomas and it's not fun, but it sounds like we have even more to look forward to. I'm thinking of you - especially as you're single moming it coming up!

    And yes, I've had morbid thoughts when B leaves town (though he hasn't left yet since Thomas was born). You're not the only one - I wish my mind didn't go that way, but I can't help it.

  5. Definitely not the only one who has awful morbid thoughts! :( Also, go stay with your parents for a few days if it makes you feel better and keeps you busier! This coming from the girl who spends entire months at home with her parents when her husband "goes out of town"... Seriously though! You are always welcome here too ;)

    I hope teething hell ends for you soon! If it is anything like ear infection hell... Just ugh!! I hope little Miss. starts feeling better soon.

  6. Great job on the running and hopefully the time will pass quickly while Justin's gone.

  7. I know what you mean about the morbid, dead-husband thoughts. I have the same thoughts when P deploys. I stay freakishly busy to avoid that.

  8. Poor L and poor mommy! When Brayden is teething like that, I give him Motrin and then 2 hours later I give him a dose of tylenol. It is totally safe as long as you alternate it, and it does wonders for him.


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