Friday, January 21, 2011

There's Guys Been Awake Since the 2nd World War

Name that song anyone? Anyone?

I realized just now that I think I'm a little sleep deprived. Why? Because I almost just titled this post Hip-hip-hip-O-pot-O-mous for no discernible reason. I mean, it's a fun song (am I the only one who knows it?!), and Lisa the Hippo is awesome, but both have absolutely no relation to this post. So, I'm sorry in advance if this post is full of crazy punctuation, spelling, and/or just doesn't make sense.

It's no wonder that I'm sleep deprived--sleep has been nonexistent lately in this house. See, Lizzy is getting all of her molars at once, and apparently they take forever and a day to come in. And all of this, equals teething hell. Let me tell you...I thought normal teething was pretty hellish. But it's like my friend Sara used to say about contractions--she'd say 'there are contractions, and then there are CONTRACTIONS'. The same applies here--there's teething hell, and then there's TEETHING HELL, and we are most certainly dealing with the latter.

I took her in thinking maybe she had an ear infection, but nope. The doctor said she's just teething. Which explains the multiple times I wake up at night to shrill screaming that no amount of rocking, singing, or motrin seems to immediately fix {as a side note--sometimes I think Justin assumes that because HE slept through the whole night, that I did too. There's really no way to explain this kind of tired to him because he sleeps through everything. I'm fairly convinced that he'd sleep through a bomb, and I'm not kidding.}. And then the napping. Lately, I've been lucky to get a 20 minute nap out of Lizzy, which just compounds on the whiny-ness that teething already brings.

Except yesterday? Yesterday we went to Mom's Group, and so Lizzy missed her morning nap. We got home around noon, and she slept for two glorious hours. I had about a million things to do around the house, but I sat down to check the bank account, and I fell asleep too. And it was marvelous.

So today, I'm going to try something new. When we stay home all morning, Lizzy gets super whiny about 9:30 or 10am, which is when I usually lay her down (and she sleeps for 20 minutes, and then not at all the rest of the day). But if we're out and about somewhere, she usually doesn't miss her morning nap at all. So, instead of going to Target for a diaper run this afternoon as I'd planned, we're going this morning. And we'll be back home in time to eat lunch and lay her down for a nap. And I am hoping to goodness that she naps.


  1. LOVE me some BNL (sorry about the Insommnia....)

  2. John sleeps through everything too. That's my biggest worry for when we have kids is that he's not going to get up. He doesn't even hear the dogs whining to get let out in the morning.

    Hope the new nap routine works for you!

  3. I've got my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hope you and Lizzy got a nap today!!! =) Sleep deprivation is awful!

    Thanks for everything. =)

  5. I hope you get some sleep soon. You need some clove oil. It is the only thing that works for my baby. IT ROCKS!!

  6. I hear teething tablets are magical. I never used them with the little dude, but I have friends that swear by them.

  7. Oh my gosh the molars! I so feel for you! Jack started getting all four as well about two months ago. He now has the bottom two but the top two are still giving him trouble! And yeah, Matt doesnt hear it either! Yesterday he called and said 'I bet you feel good, he slept late this morning!' because Jack didnt wake up when he left, and I was all 'Um I guess you didnt notice that I was up with him from THREE FORTY FIVE TIL FIVE AM!'

    Ugh. Haha I am glad he gets sleep, I really am, but man I am so jealous sometimes!

    Okay this is a very long comment...apparently I am passionate about teething hell

  8. I know what you mean about teething hell. It is awful. I feel for you, momma!

    And maybe Lizzy is just ready to drop that morning nap? That's what happened with Brayden. It was a fight in the morning for a 30 minute nap, but if I let him stay up, he slept really well in the afternoons. He was about 13-14 months, but the transition was pretty easy!

  9. We have SEEN THE LIGHT in teething hell, we are almost through. The past three weeks have been by far the WORST.

    but my point is, we've been having the same napping issues here too. Today was the first day in EONS he's taken two naps and did well but recently started taking one nap and yesterday slep for over two hours! AHHHH!

    ps, it's so funny to see his mouth with these giant teeth and spaces in between his front teeth! Hope hers come in fast!

  10. I completely agree with Julie...Lizzy is probably just ready to drop that second nap. My daughter was the same way, she would wake up around 6:30-7 and start whining around 10:30-11 but hardly take a nap at all and then whine all afternoon, which I thought was teething! As soon as I switched her to one nap a day (usually around 12:30-1) she would sleep 2-3 hours a day and was a completely different baby! Hope it works for you!

  11. Sorry to hear you haven't got any sleep...
    Remember I've said honey is supposed to calm them down? maybe is time to introduce honey to Lizzy, just a lil bit, of course, what we do here is spread a tiny bit on baby's pacifier, and they normally like it, I know it will not take the pain away, but ...
    Hope it works, and hope the Sleep fairy visits your home soon! ;)

  12. I think your nap experiment sounds like a winner. Hope it works!

    And I have no idea what that song is, but since you are posting it I am going to take a wild guess--Barenaked Ladies? Sounds like their type of lyrics. ;)

  13. Haha I just read the first comment. BNL...and then I looked up the song and yes, I know that song...I am just slacking on my lyrical knowledge


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