Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Okay, so I had to share something that happened this morning, because it was so wacky...

Let me start by saying that we have a "No Soliciting" sign up. It actually says "No Soliciting--This includes politics, religion, salesmen, home improvement, and free estimates." I was wary about putting one up because I still want the girl scouts and sports teams to stop by our house, but during my first few weeks home with Lizzy, I was shocked at how often solicitors of some sort were ringing my doorbell. I got someone ringing the doorbell at least twice a day, and it was usually right when I finally got Lizzy to sleep. It got

Also, I felt uncomfortable opening the door to random people when I was home alone, but also felt weird not answering the door when people could see me right through the front window (our house's big window is right by the front door, and through it you can see the living room, dining room, and part of the kitchen. Our house is also a CAVE unless the curtains are open, and people can see through the sheers).

Moving on...this morning, I was getting Lizzy dressed on the living room couch so that we could run out the door to my doctor's appointment, when I saw a huge van pull up. Two men in suits got out, and I knew that they were Jehovah Witnesses (I recognized one who had been to our house before the sign was put up). They walked right by the front window, and up to the door. They noticed the sign, and clearly weren't sure what to do. Often, even if there is a "no soliciting" sign up, people affiliated with various religions will still ring the doorbell since they figure they're not selling something. But our sign that specified religion apparently confused them.

They quickly walked back to the van, and got in. Two more people promptly got out of the van, came up to our front door, read the sign aloud, and then went back to the van. Then, all SEVEN people got out of the van, came up to our door, and proceeded to spend ten minutes debating about whether or not they could knock on my door.

One said that we had unfairly grouped religion with solicitors, and they were NOT solicitors, so they should still knock, because it wasn't their fault that we were confused about what a solicitor was. One said that our sign was awfully rude. Another said that even if they weren't technically solicitors, our lumping them in with solicitors made it pretty clear that we didn't want people from various religions knocking at our door. Seriously guys, they debated for a good 10-15 minutes, all the while standing on our porch.

Meanwhile, I am still in the living room, getting Lizzy dressed and getting our stuff together. I can see them through our window, they can see me. I can hear this entire wacky conversation. Maybe they were hoping that if they stayed on my porch talking long enough that I'd open the door, but I SO did not have time for that...I was cutting it close time wise as it was.

Eventually, they decided that they should not knock on my door, and returned back to the van....AND DROVE AWAY. They didn't go to any of the other houses in the neighborhood! Apparently, they came just for us. So weird!


  1. How strange, it doesn't seem hard to figure out. So odd that they only went to your house!

  2. I, too, put up a no soliciting sign after Alice was born. I'm not kidding when I say we'd get 4-5 a week. Crazy! Our sign says, "Thanks, but no thanks. No soliciting."

    I'm with you. I didn't feel it was safe to open the door with a newborn in my arms. I felt very vulnerable. Occasionally people still knock, but I just ignore it. :)

  3. HAHAHAHA! although it's creepy/strange - it is hilarious that they stood outside of your door like that! i would have opened it up and said 'not interested regardless or not you think what you're doing is soliciting so you can get back in the van! oh, and GOD BLESS!' :]

  4. Man.. you guys must look like you really need Jesus! (TOTALLY just kidding!! :-))

  5. Oh my goodness if that is not the funniest story. I can't believe they stood there for that long debating. I'm surprised they didn't just knock and ask if you meant them;)
    I could not believe the amount of people we have knocking on our door after we bought a house. I'm also home with my kids and don't like to open my door to strangers.
    Funny story on my part. We had a bunch of break-ins in our neighborhood last year and the guy knocked on our door and I answered without even looking...holding my 8 week old and with my four year old. He came up with an excuse and left. I didn't know who he was until the police asked if we had seen a man who fit his description. God was on my side that day!

  6. That's bizarre. I get the same father and son Jehovah's witness team visit every other Saturday or so. The dad introduces himself immediately and then goes to introduce his son, but I try to cut him off by saying "Hi Connor". I feel bad when they leave though... almost like I'm stringing them along.

  7. that is very weird. I would have felt weird if I was the one outside your door debating too.

  8. Oh that is strange! And an awful lot of people out on one visit!

    I had some Jehovah's Witnesses visit me after we had been in our house less than a year. I tried to have a conversation with them the first time they came, but they seemed far more interested in preaching to me than having a dialogue. The next time they came, I didn't answer the door.

  9. That's so weird!

    I too am surprised about how many knocks we get at the door during the day and it's ALWAYS annoying because it causes the dog to go ballistic. I also don't answer the door when I'm home alone. I just don't feel comfortable doing so. I wish people would just GO AWAY!

    I feel like putting a sign that says "Sleeping baby. If you wake him I WILL cut you!".

    But perhaps that's a bit too harsh...

  10. That is so funny, and odd, it's funnier to me bc I had TWO mormons come to my house yeterday and just about woke up brady. I told them i couldn't talk bc he was sleeping and i really need that damn sign of yours, loL!

  11. Too funny! Maybe your neighbors called and said send them so JW! Our house has a big bay window and I hate when people come to our door and the dogs bark because I feel like that's a giveway that we're home, sometimes I sneak down the hallway!

  12. When I'm home I want to be home and not feel like I'm out in public. I get seriously irritated when people knock on the door, even if it is cute little kids selling newspapers or cookies or whatnot. Good thing we don't still live in the dorms Mere.

  13. That is the funniest conversation to not take part in!

  14. That is really weird. I wish we had a sign like that...

  15. Whoa. That's weird. And a little passive-aggressive. Glad the neighborhood got a free pass though!

  16. That is so incredibly creepy and strange. Good for you for NOT opening the door, and continuing about your day. Solicitors drive me NUTS!


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