Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Beautiful Day


{Hello garden} We left you basically unattended for a couple of weeks, and when we went to check on you last night, we were both blown away by how crazy-in-a-good-way you have gotten! Right now, it's mostly radishes and lettuce that are ready--I can't wait until the cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes kick into high gear as well!



{Hello grass!} It's nice to see you, and to feel like we *finally* have a real yard! The middle portion will probably need to be re-seeded this fall, but it's still nice to have an area outdoors that we can finally play on!


{Hello wildflowers} I planted some wildflowers around the well-house you can see in the above photos, and also around the edge of Justin's old truck to kind of act as a border. I'm having such fun seeing which flowers come up.



{Hello super-fun weekend} Over the weekend, we had a church picnic, which also included FREE water slides. We wanted Lizzy to try them, but weren't sure if she actually would since she had been a total barnacle the first time we went swimming this year and didn't like it at all. We talked up the slides all day long, and she went with Justin even though I could tell she was nervous the first time. And she LOVED it. Seriously, she'd start asking to go down again before she and Justin even made it out of the pool. Justin was actually the one to say uncle and call it a day once it got cold and started raining, which I didn't really think would ever be a potential situation!  It was so cool to watch, and also so cool to watch her get to do something super fun just with her dad.

{Hello belly laughs} After the water-slides, we were trying to keep Lizzy awake until we got to my parents' house. She was EXHAUSTED, and kept falling half-asleep and giggling hysterically while we were trying to keep her awake, so our car ride was hilarious. I can't remember the last time we all laughed that hard, and it was a lot of fun.

After the serious downpour on Saturday, it's a beautiful day today, and I couldn't be in a better mood, even though it's a Monday! We're going berry picking later today with some friends, and I can't wait :) Hope you all have amazing days!


  1. So friggin' adorable with Lizzy! I love her.

  2. Wow! Your garden looks awesome! And what a fun church picnic at a water park - I'm glad it was a good weekend!

  3. want to come down south and garden for me??? =)

    Yeah...I wouldn't want to either, LOL.

  4. This is a happy post. :) Makes me smile!!

  5. Your garden looks great! I wish we had planted wildflowers this year. We did last year, but never got around to it this year. They were so beautiful!

  6. Have I mentioned that I love Lizzy? SO cute. Love this post.


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