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Pregnancy #2: 24 weeks

24 weeks

I feel lumpy and blah this week. 
This has been one of the first weeks I've thought I looked better and smaller in the weekly photo from Lizzy. Anyway, compared to 24 weeks with Lizzy:

How far along: 24 weeks....which means it's viability week (i.e. 50% of babies born at 24 weeks survive--incredibly, I think next week at 25 weeks the statistic jumps to a 70% survival rate).

Size of baby: A cantaloupe (The Bump) or an ear of corn (Baby Center). In other words, 10.5 to 11.8 inches and about 12.7 to 20.8 ounces.

Weight Gain: +2 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. I had a different nurse than usual at my OB this week, and discovered that apparently, she is counting from my lowest weight, as she said, "'ve gained 11 pounds...that's not too bad." {cue mini internal freak out from me} Personally, I think that's silly--I don't know about you all, but if I've lost weight due to being sick, practically as soon as I look at jello or chicken broth, I gain that weight right back. So yeah, for my own sanity, I plan to track from pre-pregnancy weight rather than first-trimester-sick weight.

Symptoms: Still heartburn. Every week, I find myself thinking 'I've GOTTA pick up some Tums!' Also, I'm starting to find myself pretty uncomfortable and just big at times...which is kind of scary because I've got 16 weeks to go!

Exercise:Yes! Still on the elliptical. Not super intense, but I'm sweating, which I think is good. Today was difficult--I only made it 15 minutes, and totally felt like I was slogging through mud the whole time. It wasn't fun, but I'm feeling super motivated to exercise after watching my sister-in-law Renee and how amazing she looks and seems to have recovered after her pregnancy, which I know she attributes to exercising this time. I definitely got a later start to exercising, but I'm hoping that even at this point, and even at a fairly low-intensity level, it'll make things easier post-partum.

Clothes: In this week's photo, the shorts are maternity, the tank is an old Target Long & Lean tank (not maternity).

Cravings/Aversions:Nothing specific that I'm indulging in.

Movement: Yep! Lizzy got to feel a kick while snuggling on the couch watching TV the other day, and she was thrilled.

Worries: Right now they're mostly at bay--I did ask my dermatologist's nurse about the mole on my boob that  I was freaking about, and she took a photo and said she's going to have me come back in 2 months to check it out again. That calmed me down, 'cause even though I didn't see the doctor herself, I know she probably looked at the photo yesterday, and would have called to take it off right away if she was concerned. I'm so thankful for her and her awesome nurses.

Now, the only other thing I'm stressed about is that OHSU has apparently decided to send us to collections even though we've been making a payment every month. So that's awesome. I'd always been told they can't do that as long as you're making a payment, but apparently they can, at least here in Oregon. The lady on the phone said that I was being "uncooperative in paying the minimum required amount" and had "refused a payment arrangement". I about lost my shit--because the bottom line is that OHSU took a look at Justin's income from last December (which I've explained time and again is light-years away from his current income), did not consider any of our other expenses and/or debt, and decided how much we can pay. And for us, that number is unrealistic no matter how much budget tweaking we do. So we pay what we can every month. Some months, that's not a lot, and some months it's more. But we make a payment every months, and that doesn't seem to matter to OHSU. All that seems to matter to them is that our account must be paid off in a certain number of months, or we're apparently sent to collections. Regardless of the balance, regardless of the procedure. And now I'm trying not to stress about it, because we're doing the best we can, and there's nothing we can do differently.

PSA: Wear sunscreen. Do skin checks regularly. Because skin cancer is expensive, even with insurance.

Milestones: Her lungs are developing, including cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help air sacs inflate once she's born. Also, her skin is becoming less and less translucent.

What's Different This Time: Still no name. Also, I'm generally going to OB appointments by myself this time, which is kind of major for me.

Best moment of the week: There were lots of good moments--despite my little rant about OHSU, it's actually been a really good week! Lizzy felt the baby kick, we got to hear baby girl's heartbeat via the doppler on Tuesday, and the mole I was worried about on my stomach came back definitively not melanoma. There's good all around :)


  1. I agree with you. Weight gain should be counted based on your normal resting weight pre-pregnancy. They also saw mine dip in the beginning and so if you counted from THAT point, I am up like 40 pounds!! But really, its more like 33/34lbs. I count it from THERE. I wasn't eating AT ALL and puking all the time. That doesn't seem right!

  2. I remember feeling like a live wire while pregnant. Chamomile tea helps a tiny bit with the chronic anxiety. What helped me through work outs was starting slow getting faster to fastest (rest pace for few seconds) every five minutes then start over slowest faster fastest etc...I was in a huge rut until then and music that you really like helps too.

  3. I also agree. Count from your pre-pregnancy weight. With Ryann I say I only gained 20 pounds, but if I counted how much I lost in the 1st tri it would be more like 30. Not that big of a deal, but I didn't need to lose 30 pounds to get back to my prepregnancy weight!

    I can't believe the run around they are putting you through with paying your bill. That is simply ridiculous. I wish I knew someway to help you or some great advice to give, because I honestly can't believe some people.

    I've talked to one of my friends who works with foreclosure loan situations and such, and he says for the most part, the fastest they can really do anything is 11 months, usually it is closer to 16 months, as long as it looks like someone is making an effort to pay. And that is for a freaking house. Oy. Sorry, I feel terrible for you, but I know you'll get through it.

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about stupid collections :( I cannot believe how inconsiderate they are being and I hope this doesn't affect your credit too much. I really know nothing about 'collections' but it just sounds awful. Big hugs, lady!

  5. I am so sorry you were sent to collections. That is so terrible! Thinking of you guys.

  6. Love your tank top- cute!!! And I agree about counting from pre-pregnancy weight, not your lowest weight you hit during pregnancy. You look great- and even if you'd actually gained 11lbs since getting pregnant that's still great for 24wks. I don't even want to talk about how much I've gained so far.

  7. What a pain! Are you able to send a current paystub showing year-to-date so they can see that your income has been reduced since last year? I'd try that next. Sorry, I know that dealing with medical bills is no fun!

  8. it's so weird to me that we go to the same ob dr and they've never commented on my weight gain - never even mention it unless i ask, and i had gained *24* lbs at 24 weeks! hello, way more than you, girl ... you are doing GREAT!
    and i am impressed about your commitment to exercise - i just haven't this pregnancy in any real way, although it feels like CHASING my toddler son should count for something!? but it doesn't, when i see the new pockets of cellulite. wahh! :(

  9. I am so sorry about them sending you to collections. That is SO unfair.

    But I think you look great! Really showing that baby bump now :)

  10. You look great! Ugh I don't even know what to suggest on the OHSU issue... I'm sure you've escalated the call as far as you can go. I thought as long as you were paying something too that they would cooperate, but gosh I can't believe how difficult they are being. I hope you get it resolved soon. I wish I had some good advice for you :/

  11. I never lost weight my first trimester(yay for no morning sickness!) but I didn't gain a single lb until well into my second trimester where it all piled on at once. At least yours has been very gradual and you look fantastic! That stinks about OHSU. Can you talk to the county and see if they can help you cover the bill? Now that you reach those income guidelines, etc they might help you out!

  12. THe whole collections thing is not fair OR right. I am sorry. And are you upset about going to appointments alone? I was, too. :(

  13. It's always such a relief and a milestone to make it to viability!!

    I can't wait until my kids can feel and see the baby's movements; they will be amazed!!

    And what's your secret to not gaining much weight? You look great!

    If you are interested in connecting with other pregnant mommies, I host a pregnancy link up on my blog. You can find it here:


  14. I don't believe they're allowed to do that actually. I live in Oregon and I've never heard of such things. It's my understanding that as long as you're making an effort, they can't send you to collections. You might consider speaking with a debt-reconcilidation specialist. They have the muscle to make bullies like the hospital think reasonably, so that you are allowed to pay what you can afford, instead of what the hospital says you can afford.

  15. I don't live in Oregon, I have however heard that "they can't send you to collections as long as you are making a payment" so after my second son since I have stopped working I was making payments towards my hospital bill and got a letter from collections. When I called they told me basically the same thing, they did add that they always send bills to this agency after a certain number of months to help cut down on the number of bills the actual hospital payment department is dealing with. So it is a collection agency, but not in the same way a credit card would send you to collections. I called the collection agency and they told me that they are not a credit reporting agency, just collecting debts that the hospital sends to them. So maybe it is the same in Oregon? I wouldn't stress too much about it.


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