Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sometimes, you just need the wildflowers.

On Monday, I got stitches on my stomach. And they came with directions like "no swimming for 10 days" and "you're not allowed to pick up your daughter". They are big-time irritating, and much harder to forget about than the previous ones on my back.

Yesterday, we went with my mom to pick a few berries. I got stung by a bee in between my toes. It seems like such a small thing, but man ALIVE it hurts. And it's swollen, and itchy, and all I want to do is take some Benadryl (which is allowed by my doctor), but I can't do that until Justin gets home or else I'll fall asleep on the parenting job, ha!

Then, last night we had to leave Justin's baseball game again because Lizzy wasn't listening, and started hitting and kicking me. So, that was also fun, and by the end of the night I was definitely having a bit of a pity party.

I woke up in the same mood. Trudged to the living room to balance the checkbook, flipped on the light switch, and yet another light sparked and burnt out. Clearly, the morning was not planning to turn around on its own.

So, this morning while the coffee was brewing, I went outside and walked around the backyard for a few minutes...even though it looks like it might dump rain on my head any second. I drifted over to the bank of wildflowers, which I'm so glad that I planted this year. Sometimes, you just need to see the wildflowers, you know?  They're a daily reminder for me of all that is a beautiful blessing...because I know there's lots of those beautiful blessings in my life...sometimes I just have to take the time to notice them.


To quote from Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty, which y'all NEED to watch if you don't):
 "Nature. They need to get into that more. Look around. [See] what the Almighty created."


  1. I don't comment much since I read through Google reader, but I really hope things turn out well for you. I know those days that seem like nothing goes right, they are maddening! I think getting some fresh air and looking at those flowers was a good choice (beautiful pictures!) My husband had melanoma 3 years ago and had it cut out of his back. Things turned out fine, but I know how scary it can be. Thinking of you and your family!

  2. The wildflowers seem like a perfect solution to a day like yesterday. Sorry for your day. And if you're in the mood for unsolicited bee sting advice): Get yourself some benadryl cream - will help with the itch until you can take the real deal when J gets home. If we didn't live states apart I'd deliver it to you, but it's worth the trip to the drugstore, I promise :)

  3. Beautiful. I wish we had anything growing in our yard!

  4. Those photos are gorgeous! I am so sorry about your toe and your stitches... :(

  5. Aww :( You can't catch a break, huh? I'm sorry :(

    So happy God reminded you of His glory and sovereignty though!

  6. Love the pics and this reminder. I woke up in one of these moods this morning and hope I can snap out of it soon.


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