Monday, July 16, 2012


I am {nervous} about my dermatologist appointment, even though I know it's not like I'll actually find anything out today. I'm also not looking forward to the stitches at all.

I am {thankful} that Justin moved the elliptical inside for me yesterday! I'm hoping to get on that soon, but it just occurred to me that the stomach stitches may throw a wrench into that plan. I hope not!

I am {laughing} about the coffee that Justin made. I'm pretty sure I could stand a horse-shoe up in it, it's so thick!

I'm {smitten} with my new niece Lyla Mae. There's just nothing better than a snuggling newborn. I never can decide whether I want to hold them, or take pictures of them more! Also, it was a total wake-up call that we'll have a newborn of our own relatively soon, which is NUTS.


I'm {a little worried} that my camera has been acting a little fussy lately. It's been displaying a "busy" message a lot more often lately, which used to be something I encountered very rarely--only when using the flash. Now, it seems to be happening a lot more frequently, and I'm hoping it's just a fluke and not the camera biting the dust!

I'm {so happy} to have an evening at home tonight! 


  1. Oh my gosh, Mere, that photograph is precious and I love it!

  2. Praying for you about your appointment. I know this is so hard.

  3. Love the picture of your niece! Love her name too, so cute. Sorry about your camera, I've been getting a busy message a lot too, but I've been using the flash so I suppose I have that to blame.

  4. Adorable photo. Praying for you!

  5. I hope the appt went well! And LOVE me some thick/strong coffee. Love.

  6. I've been off the grid the past week, but just catching up on your posts. Praying for peace for you about the appt - keep us updated!

    Great pics of your new niece, congratulations :)

    Hopefully your camera hangs in there. And agree with Julia, the thicker the coffee, the better... in my opinion. :)


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