Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Justin and I are so incredibly blessed to have both sides of our families live nearby. It's awesome to be able to see everyone on big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. But since we've been married, we've also kind of reserved the 4th of July as a holiday that we spend with friends, because we both feel that taking time for friendships is really important too. Anyway, I think we've spent every 4th of July since we've been married with Kait, Jesse, and Kait's parents (or some variation thereof). This year was no exception, and aside from Justin and I arguing at the end of the day (but happily resolving things before we went to sleep), it was largely an awesome, laid-back day. Even the kiddos got along!





{Lizzy wanted to share her "flower seeds" (aka sunflower seeds) with her sister. 




{Forgot my tripod for "real" fireworks shots, but had fun playing around none-the-less}

It is a blessing and a gift to have friends like Kait and Jess who you can just hang with and always feel relaxed with (my dad used to call this having 'refrigerator rights'--when you're such good friends with someone that you can just open their fridge and grab what you want/need). And more important, I think it's amazing and pretty rare to have friends that you can be 100% honest with. I could totally tell Kaitlin, "Hey, I'm having a blast hanging out, but could you guys go home now because my kiddo is melting and just needs to go to bed?" without trying to have to phrase things so that I wouldn't hurt her feelings. And that? Sometimes is a relief.

I feel like our house has been hit by a tornado. We've literally been running and running non-stop for weeks, and haven't been home in the evening in I'm-not-sure-how-long. Justin had to work again today, and when I woke up this morning to make breakfast, I realized that we didn't have a single spoon or bowl clean. I hate when our house gets messy like this, because I feel like it takes FOREVER to catch up!

On Tuesday, I had to leave both a store and Justin's baseball game early because Lizzy was throwing a fit and/or was just flat out disobeying. Days like that are hard. I am in desperate need of a date-night and some adult time.

I don't have any maternity tank tops, and I've been scouring the very-limited maternity options we have here locally (which mostly include Goodwill) to no-avail. I've been trying to find some basic tanks that are side-ruched and relatively under $10 a pop. Any suggestions? 

I am dying for a new phone. My Blackberry is on the fritz again, and between it randomly calling 9-1-1 all by itself and just turning itself off when I'm mid-call (only to sometimes re-start), I am ready to trade it in for good. Both Justin and my sister now have iPhones, and I'm seriously jealous. I'm hoping I can squirrel away some money in the budget within the next few months and join the iPhone (and Instagram) crowd. And yes, this is totally a "want" rather than a need. It may not happen, but I can dream, right?!


  1. I know Old Navy had basic tanks like that for pretty cheap a few months ago... not sure if they still do??

    I'm so ... honest... (some call it rude ;) with almost all my friends that I have been forcing them to leave since long before I had kids - now they are just used to it - ha!

    I feel like our house will be a tornado for a few years now, and there's just nothing we can do about it. We try to keep it relatively tidy and have a cleaner come once a month so at least it isn't filthy, but it always just seems so disorganized and cluttered. Ugh. I am trying to just get over it!

  2. I totally agree on the friends/family separation. Both are so important!

    Happy [late] Fourth of July!

  3. Have you tried the mossimo (target) long and lean tanks? They aren't maternity but they last me (in size l and xl) my entire pregnancy. They have awesome stretch and are so cute. They were on sale for $6 a pop last week. I live in these!

  4. I found the maternity tanks I loved (not rushed sides though) at Target (did they EVER resolve your white tshirt issue?), not sure what they cost, but I'd guess in the traditional Target 8 - 10 range. My friend bought a ton at Motherhood Maternity, but I'm guessing that's not in your I'm probably no help at all!

  5. Craigslist usually has maternity for cheap too...

  6. Old navy! I have one that I am still wearing and i love it! They usually have them on sale or coupons!

  7. The Independence Day pics are precious! Love them. As far as new phones go, check into refurbished iPhones (either from Apple or from a private dealer locally so you can hold them responsible). I know a ton of repair shops offer refurbished iPhones for pretty inexpensive and the only thing that was a problem was that someone thought they'd buy a new one instead of fixing their old one. Check it out!

    Love your Thursday Thoughts!

  8. I agree with Erin above. I was pregnant last summer and I got my staple tanks from Old Navy for cheap. Again, the ones I used didn't have the rouching... but they were the most comfortable things I owned. So much so that I think I bought about 6.

  9. I ordered a bunch from Old Navy when I was pregnant with my son. I ordered the Tall because they were longer and worked all the way through my pregnancy.


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