Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pregnancy #2: 21 Weeks

21 weeks

 {I was hoping to actually get dressed, and do my hair and makeup before taking my weekly photo, but it's already Saturday, and the whole getting ready and doing my hair thing just hasn't been happening this week, and there hasn't really been a reason to! *cough* Would you please take me on a belated anniversary date already, Justin?! *cough* Oh well...this is probably much more indicative of how our summers go in general, especially when there's a pregnancy involved!}

Compared to 21 weeks with Lizzy:

How far along: 21 weeks

Size of baby: A pomegranate (The Bump) or the length of a carrot (Baby Center). Basically, about 10.5 inches and 12.7 ounces.

Weight Gain: 0--roughly back at my pre-pregnancy weight

Symptoms: Major heartburn at night. Also, this is the first week I've actually been ravenously hungry this time around. Seriously, the other morning I ate a bagel with cream cheese and a yogurt for breakfast, and like an hour later, I felt starving again. 

Exercise: Not formally. I've asked Justin to move the elliptical machine that Renee lent us into the house from the garage since it's WAY too hot to exercise in the garage during naptime...but so far that hasn't happened, and until it does, I'm kind of in a holding pattern. That said, we've been pretty active in day-to-day life--berry picking, walking a ton of the 4th, and tonight we'll be going to the children's festival and walking probably the equivalent of MILES. So, at least that's something!

Clothes: Mostly maternity now. Justin was off work yesterday, and I SCOURED the second-hand stores for summer maternity stuff. I scored majorly, and have only purchased two pairs of shorts this time around, which I don't think is too bad. Also, a big thank you to Katie for reminding me that the Target Long & Lean tanks (as seen above) will work for a few more weeks--I had a few last time that worked until about the 3rd tri, but had forgotten about them this time.

Cravings/Aversions:I would probably kill for some chocolate. Also, the boys made their first batch of beer this weekend, and it smells delicious...and I'm not really a beer drinker.

Movement: Yep, but still not where Justin can feel it.

Worries: Haven't been as major for me this time around :)

Milestones: Meconium production is in high gear. Oh yes. Also, this little girl now already has her lifetime supply of eggs in her little bitty womb, which I admit is super weird to even consider.

What's Different This Time:  By this time with Lizzy, I'd gained 5-7 pounds. This time around, I'm still at zero. That said, I probably weighed at least 5 pounds more at the start this time around, so it's probably a wash that way.

I think this was about when my gym time started to peter out during my pregnancy with Lizzy. Even though I haven't been hitting the gym this time, I think I'm probably MUCH more active this time around in our day-to-day life than when I was working full-time and sitting at the desk most of the day. I'm also eating much healthier this time around thanks to both being home to cook meals and our budget, and so between both those things, I feel much better this time around.

Best moment of the week: This isn't pregnancy related at all, but Lizzy found some pom-poms in a our spare bedroom that we're working on cleaning out. During one of my many bathroom trips this past week, Lizzy bust into the bathroom with the pom-poms and yelled, "YAY MOM! WE GO POTTY IN THE TOILET!" I about died of laughter.


  1. I can spot a long & lean from a mile away :) Looking good!

  2. I live in those long and lean tanks. Mine are only going to work for a few more weeks...what will I do then??

    I can tell you are generally healthier this time around. It really shows. I think I say every week how great you look and it's the truth!!

  3. I love those tanks... and the pom-pom thing is so hilarious.


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