Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Bucket List

Like many people, I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. Of course, I think ahead to the next year and dream of different things that I'd like to do, see, buy, accomplish, and so on...but that's mostly just wishing and hoping and thinking and praying. Planning and dreaming (sing it with me). They just don't really fit the definition of a resolution--a firm decision to do, or not to do something.

They're a bucket list for the year, basically. Things I hope we do as a family, things that I'll try to make happen, because only good can come of them. But, if they don't happen for whatever reason, it's not the end of the world. We're not going to pack into the car at 8am on New Year's Eve 2013 and drive to the Oregon Coast just to take it off the list. But, trying to earmark some money for that as we do our budgets? You betcha.

These aren't "offical"--Justin is reading them for the first time along with you all (hi babe!), but I'd venture to guess that while his list might also include things like "Hit a home run every game" or "Brew lots of beer", a lot of the core items will probably be similar. So without further 2013 Bucket List:

{I bought a heart rate monitor just this weekend, so that one can be crossed off the list! It's pretty awesomely motivating to see that Insanity Cardio Abs + Jillian's Kickboxing burns 472 calories in about 40 minutes!}


  1. I love your list! Here's to an awesome 2013 for your sweet family!

  2. good luck! I know i sure need it to do mine :)

    We Are The Tabbs

  3. Love it all! The HRM is awesome, isn't it?! I'm a little bit addicted to mine. :)

  4. Hi! and Happy New Year :)

    My friend rented a HRM, she loved having it!

    I love 'parent intentionally'. That one is always on the top of my list!!

  5. I love my HRM! I just used it with plyo cardio circuit and by the time my heart rate was out of the zone after the workout I burned over 500!! I am loving Insanity by the way. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

  6. What a great list! And happy new year to you and your family!


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