Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snippety do dah...

-Justin and I re-started Insanity. We get up at 5am most days to do it before J goes to work (Thursdays will be even earlier). It's both ROUGH and awesome. Trying to push through the 1st week. But right now? It's not even 8am and I could fall asleep standing up.

-With our current living room arrangement, our backs are to the hallway. Well, recently I've noticed that Lizzy is talking about different TV shows or movies...that we watched well after we put her to bed. And I'm not okay with that. The only othet feasible living room arrangement that would prevent her from being able to see the TV from the hallway would involve a sectional....which I REALLY want to do for 1000 reasons,  including that a lighter colored couch could help the living room from feeling so cavernous,  but I also really do not want to spend the money for. I wish sectionals fell from the sky!

-I haven't been able to stomach milk or yogurt since Becca was born. I've never been a big milk person, but I used to love yogurt. I think milk (but not cheese?) bothers Becca, so maybe it is my body's way of working that out. Anyway, I tried almond milk this AM anf it is awesome. 

-Now that Becca is napping for (slightly) longer chunks during the day, we're trying to do school time for Lizzy again. She's got letters and their sounds down, so now I need to start focusing on time--days of the week, months, etc. I want to make some sort of felt board or something but am totally overwhelmed by the possibilities. So I've done nothing, ha!

-I think Becca is teething? At three months?!?

-I meant to add some photos to this, but if I don't get up now, I'll fall asleep for sure. So....sorry. I know, posts without pictures suck.

Now....to figure out how to shower before swim lessons today...


  1. I think it's awesome you're getting up so early to work out! I was just thinking I should do that because the second I sit down I'm done for the whole night. It would be nice to get up early and just get it out of the way.

    I'm the same way with dairy. Milk and certain brands of ice cream are usually my big issue, but I'm usually good with cheese unless I have too much. Kirkland brand ice cream is a definite no go. So I guess what I'm saying is it wouldn't be surprising if that is what's bothering her?

  2. When I was little (5 or so) my parents had their living room set up the same way and I would sneak out into the hallway, sit there, and watch whatever they were watching. :-X

  3. It's amazing that you're doing Insanity already, and at 5am!! Seriously impressed.

    I also wish sectionals fell from the sky. We have VERY similar living room furniture and I'm ready for a sectional and lighter fabric as well. Great minds think alike. :)

  4. I live in a tiny apartment, so if a sectional falls out of the sky around here you'll be the first person I contact, I promise! I also switched over to almond milk recently, and can't get enough of it. My husband is a soy milk person, but I never liked it...so I'm glad I found an alternative that works for me. Just don't buy the chocolate almond milk...you'll be tempted to drink it all in one sitting, it's so good!


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