Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Confessions

- Lizzy's birthday party is Sunday. I've still yet to do ANY shopping, either for her birthday present or for the party.

-Lizzy hasn't been napping anymore. I've been trying to enforce quiet time in her room, but when I do, she spends half the time destroying her bedroom and half the time yelling, "MOM? MOM! MOM? IS QUIET TIME OVER YET?!" Dude, the alarm clock is in your bedroom, you will know when quiet time is over. It's almost not worth the effort.

-Costco now carries tall yoga pants!!! They had all different colors, and I seriously wanted to buy like 5 pairs, but they only had one single solitary pair in my size. Sad day. Maybe that's for the best, to encourage me to actually get dressed. But see, it's a toss up between being encouraged to work out, and actually being able to workout right then if the opportunity presents itself versus getting dressed, which is also good for my sanity in a different way. But none of this is the confession part--the confession is that Costco makes a big deal about these yoga pants being reversible...and I just don't understand the appeal. Yay! I can wear my pants inside out!

- I don't totally understand the paleo eating craze. I'm not 100% sold on it (for us, at least) for a wide variety of reasons, one of which being that I feel like it is really difficult for most people to sustain long-term. Personally, I tend to subscribe more to Michael Pollan's food perspective, which is basically: Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. That said, while we will probably never do it, I have lots of friends both online and in real life who are now eating paleo. They are all smart, wonderful people whom I love and respect a lot, and I'm so happy that they are striving to make healthy lifestyle choices for their families regardless of the method--whatever works, you know?

-Since Becca was born, I've totally fallen off the quiet time/Bible Study wagon. I'm trying desperately to get back on not because I feel like I'm supposed to, but because I feel like I function better when I start my days off that way. I'm just REALLY struggling to get us into any sort of routine, mainly because Becca is still kind of eating and sleeping at will, and often a bit unpredictably. It's a season, it's a season, it's a season.

What about y'all? Any Friday confessions? 


  1. Happy Friday!!

    I read the full Pollan article for a humanities class once (it's like 12 pages long), it's really interesting! I totally agree with him!

  2. Regarding Lizzies quiet time: she will get it soon. Be consistent (same time everyday), and reserve some special activites, toys or puzzles that she can do by herself in her room.
    Cameron has a little desk in his room, where he usually does his quet time activity. Does she have a little table in her room? When he started fighting his naps, I gave him the option to take the nap, or have quiet time. It helped, because in his eyes, he chose the better option. He stays in there for 45 minutes, and then gets to watch one show when he gets out. It was hard in the beginning, and he still comes out sometimes (and goes right back) but it is SO worth it so that you can have a small break too. He knows the routine- when Kylie goes down for a nap, he goes right to quiet time. Don't give up!

  3. I agree w/you on Paleo.. it just doesn't seem very balanced to me to eliminate entire food groups. I try to eat pretty clean.. but more of a back to our grandparents' generation than paleo.. Before chemicals, etc. were so prevalent in our food, but with balanced food groups.

  4. Love friday confessions! Good luck with the party this weekend!

  5. Hee hee, this made me smile. :) we are doing the whole9 which is very similar to paleo, and I agree: it is not a sustainable long term plan for our family. This is absolutely a short term cleanse for us, and the elimination of so many foods is really beautiful in that my children all have food allergies and eczema. As a mama, I feel like I've tried everything to heal their skin but I've always had this sense that I need to eliminate all possible triggers at once, just to *really see what healing could happen. Their pediatrician was excited about this plan, saying 30 days is optimal for seeing impact.

    2 of my dear friends just did this 30 day cleanse and felt SO fantastic, so energetic, clear-headed, great skin, and more. :) who doesn't want more energy?

    And the weight loss won't be bad, either. That is for sure a primary goal for this postpartum mama! (today is day 4 and I am down 5 lbs, whoop whoop!)

    As you know, mere, I am pretty passionate about whole, real food living. Love Michael pollans work; just was reading more Weston price tonight. Once this cleanse is done, I will gradually add back real, good foods :)

    Big hugs! Have a fun party!

  6. I was sort of skeptical of Paleo for a long time but then I did it and was shocked to see how amazing I felt when I follow it to a T. I still crave sweets but have zero interest in grains. I don't miss them one single bit. It may be difficult to maintain but honestly, the way I feel when I do indulge just isn't worth it. (I had margaritas on Friday night in the Dells and fought a headache all weekend long!) That alone is motivation enough to stay on track. I'm a big believer that you can do anything you put your mind to :)


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