Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Snippets.

-It's not even 8am and we've already had eight time outs. And I've cleaned up cat poop. And I'm now out of coffee creamer. Good thing there was enough for one cup...and that I've got a gift certificate to stop and get a latte later on. It's gonna be a day, I can tell. I'm hoping that Lizzy isn't getting sick--because she smells different to me. Is that crazy? Crossing my fingers that it's just that she fell asleep in the car on our way home last night and hadn't had her hair shampooed yet after swim lessons. She doesn't SEEM sick so far...girl can dream, right?

-We're starting what will hopefully become a tradition of Wednesday night budget meetings tonight. I need to remember to try and put a haircut in there somewhere. I want this:

My hair is super thick,and has a tendency to get really weighty and BLAH. I'd LOVE something with a little more movement.

-I have another dermatologist appointment on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, there was something she wanted to remove last time. She said she thinks it's probably a basal cell whatever-it-is, which is certainly better than the DFSP or possible melanoma of the past. It's on the left side of my body, so it probably is SOMETHING. No joke--everything on the left side of my body has been bad news. Now that I think about it, when I had to have my appendix out, it was even on my left side instead of my right. Everything on my right side? Totally fine. It's giving me a complex. Anyway...I'm hoping that it *is* just a basal cell and not anything weird. Sigh.

-Becca is rolling over. Sometimes. Mostly when I lay her on her belly on the floor and walk out of the room...of course!

-Lately, when Lizzy is mad at me, she yells, "YOU. ARE NOT. MY. SAVIOR!" She is totally serious, and I have to try not to laugh every time. It cracks me up, because I know she's trying to say something inflammatory and "naughty", but she's actually totally right!

-Last Thursday, we went to the library for the first time since Becca was born...and the books are all still sitting in the car. Mom fail.


  1. Sometimes our library books stay in the car for a while too....she likes to read them while we drive-- I get peace and quiet while I drive, and its easier to keep track of them when they stay in the car anyway! LOL Then I feel guilty and we take them in and try to read them a few times before they go back.

  2. I'm jealous of your hair. It's so pretty. And lol at Lizzy's new phrase!!

  3. Crossing my fingers that Lizzy turns it around for you today. And I love that hair style, it would look great on you!

  4. I don't even remember when I read a full book. These days I'm down to magazines I can sneak in here and there... mostly on trips to the bathroom.

  5. Haha Lizzy's comeback is awesome! I may have to borrow it.

  6. Lizzy's comeback is awesome! I may have to borrow that haha.

  7. The smelling the sickness thing is right on - T had his first ear infection last week and I swear that he smelled funny to me! Hope that she's not sick, though!

  8. Oh Lizzy. Sounds so much like K except K can't talk yet. :)


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