Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letter to Becca: Two Months


You are smiling! And laughing! This month, you really started interacting with us, and it is just so much fun to watch you grin when your dad gets home from work, or watch you track your sister as she runs around the room. I sort of feel like you went from a newborn to a four month old (and I think you look a lot like your sister did at about that age)--you're already trying your hand at tripod sitting and rolling over. I think we may have another early walker on our hands. 

 We went to the doctor this month, and you weigh 12 pounds! I don't remember when Lizzy hit that point, but I feel like it was MUCH later, like maybe 7 or 8 months! I'm thankful that you've been much more interested in nursing than your sister is. There are still some days (and nights!) that you want to eat every hour, but for the most part, we've settled into a more predicable 3-4 hour schedule.
You are a total snuggle bug, sweet girl. You really would prefer to be hold 24/7, and especially for naps. We've been babywearing a lot more than I ever wore Lizzy at this point, and are still figuring out which sort of carrier works best for you and me. 

Love you a bushel and a peck (and a hug around your neck), 


  1. What a sweet little lady! And what a beautiful letter! : )

  2. This is beautiful, Meredith! She's really starting to look like a little girl instead of a newborn. I love it!

  3. Two months?!?! Also, I feel like she looks SO much like Lizzy.

  4. Awww...she's getting so big! Sweet pics.


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