Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 Today, I am {thankful} that this girl slept from midnight to 4am last night. 
I'm pretty sure my love language is now sleep.

I am {excited} to try and get back into the routine of cooking dinner again. Since Becca was born, we've eaten out a TON, or if we have eaten at home, it's tended to be things like canned soup, or frozen stuff. In the past couple of weeks, we've had a couple EXCELLENT home cooked meals, like grilled chicken tacos and the red wine braised short ribs you see above. I'm ready to ease back into the routine of cooking at home, even if it means we don't eat until 8pm because I had to wait for Justin to get home to start cooking.

I am {frustrated} that we haven't been able to visit a friend who is recuperating from major surgery. I feel like any time we're prepared to go, one of us is suddenly sniffling or not feeling well, and I just do NOT want to give her those germs! I wanted to try and visit her this morning, but Lizzy woke up saying, "I have the snorts again." In other words, her nose is running and she has the sniffles.

I am {loving} starting my mornings with a little whipped cream and peppermint sprinkles on my coffee. Makes getting up just a little bit easier, you know? 

I am {longing} for our house to be clean and all the Christmas decor to be down. We seriously NEED to clean this week in preparation for Lizzy's birthday party this Sunday. Justin and I are seriously talking about devoting $10 or $20 to the task and assigning dollar amounts to all the chores that we both hate to do--whoever does them first gets the cash. It would just be kind of a fun competition to get the house clean and have a little extra "fun money" to boot. 

I am {missing} this guy, who is back at work today. 
So thankful for the few extra days he had off these past few weeks.

I am {nervous} about my dermatologist appointment tomorrow. It's just a follow-up, not for anything specific, and I am praying hardcore that she finds nothing she wants to remove. 


  1. That is brilliant about the chore competition. They are a few things Tom and I avoid, hoping the other does it. It would be so good motivation to get them done.

  2. Yay for sleep! And those ribs look delicious!

  3. Rebecca's skin looks so clear :) She is sure cute!

  4. I love that... sleep is my new love language. Oh so true, so true! Praying your appointment goes well.

  5. Praying you have great news at the appointment.

    I've been slightly addicted to coffee with a shot of mint chocolate or peppermint... I know exactly what you mean about 'waking up a little easier' :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hope your follow-up appointment went exceedingly well! Thinking of you, as usual!

    The chores and money also sounds like a great idea too!


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