Monday, January 14, 2013

Lizzy: Making Target Customers Laugh since 2010.

 Sweet Lizzy--This past Thursday, you turned THREE. I can hardly believe it. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that you were born, and in other ways sometimes it feels like you must be at least five already! Lately, you've been saying and doing some of the most hilarious things, and I've been making an effort to write them down so that I won't forget. Here's just a few from this past month:

(in the Target bathroom)
Lizzy: I'm so cold. I want to take off my sweatshirt.
Me: Do you mean that you're warm?
L: That's what I said, Mom!
Me: Well, you may not take off your sweatshirt because it is winter. It's snowing outside, and you're only wearing a tank top under your sweatshirt.
(the lady in the stall next to us begins to laugh)
Me: I'm sorry you think that. In the summer, you may wear tank tops.
L: When I am older, I WILL SHOW MY ARMPITS IN THE WINTER. It will be my choice!
(Another lady begin laughing quietly)
Me: Yes, when you're older, you can make that choice.
L: And I will tell my children to wear tank tops in the winter.
Me: Oh really?
Lizzy sighs heavily, like I just don't have a clue, and then replies, "No mom! My children can not make that choice, 'cause then they would get cold and sick!"
(At this point, there were at least five ladies totally cracking up in the Target bathroom). 

Lizzy: Mom, I decided last month not to get married. It is not my choice.
(five minutes later)
Lizzy: Actually. I decided to marry Leah's father next week if he has some time off work. He is a nice guy, but he will have to ask my Uncle Ryan first.

{Leah is Lizzy's imaginary friend, FYI}

Lizzy: I can't find my pink hairtie. The fairies took it to pink hairtie heaven!

(upon opening a present wrapped in a pullups box on Christmas)
Lizzy: How did you know that I have wanted Dora pullups FOR MY WHOLE LIFE?!

Lizzy: If I mess up my beautiful hair, that would be very dangerous to me. It is NOT OKAY. 

(upon walking into the bedroom while I was changing)
Lizzy: Oh mom! I just love your new boobs! They are perfect and awesome!

Edited to add--I just realized that these photos make perfect sense to me
 to go along with this birthday-ish post, but may not make one bit of sense to anyone else--
so, by way of explanation, we gave Lizzy swimming lessons, a new suit, and goggles for her birthday!


  1. Oh my gosh, Mere, your daughter is such a ham. And I love it.

    That bathing suit with the tutu?! So precious!

  2. The first & last one had me laughing out loud. What a funny kid! :-)

  3. BAHAHA. That girl! I'm telling you. I love the new boobs comment best.

  4. I just love her. She seriously seems like the FUNNEST kid in the WORLD to be around.

  5. oh wow. this is the best post i've read in a long time. happy third bday to your Lizzy! :)

  6. OMG I LOVE the picture of Lizzy in the bathing suit doing the little dance to the side. She looks so mischievous!

  7. Happy Birthday Lizzy! She is definitely hilarious.

  8. Oh my gosh, she is hilarious!

  9. She is too funny! And very witty! I loved this post.

  10. Could she be any cuter? As my family from Missouri says, 'What a pistol!!' Love her. Happy birthday!!

  11. that is good stuff. Making Target patrons and your blog readers laugh. Marrying her imaginary friends father... good greif. What a great swimsuit!

  12. She is so funny! The Targey comers stood is priceless. And her facial expressions in these photos are a riot.

  13. I LOVE these pictures! Lizard is seriously ADORABLE. And what a ham! Love it!! (really cute suit btw, the picture with the goggles kills me) :D


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