Monday, April 18, 2011

Good & Bad

The Bad:
-Justin's been out of town for work, and it's just hard. It's even harder knowing that it will probably be several more weeks before he's home for more than a day or two at a time.
-Any time Justin goes out of town for work, Lizzy gets super clingy to me (she's a smart cookie...she realizes that dad is gone and plans to make darn sure that I don't go anywhere either). She's like a barnacle. If I walk out of the living room into the kitchen, it's a total meltdown. If I go to the bathroom, total meltdown. Trying to put her in her high chair to meltdown. Leaving her in child care for Bible Study or Mom's Group is out of the question....she even gets hysterical if people that she's usually just fine with (like my parents) try to pick her up and walk out of my line of sight. She literally wants me to walk around and hold her twenty four hours a day. I'm not exaggerating. I've literally held her pretty much all night long for the last several nights. Ditto for naps. 
-I'm kind of exhausted, and I just really miss Justin.
-So Insanity? Not happening right now. 

The Good:
-Justin is working. Even if he's out of town, at least he has a job.
-Justin is working long hours, which means that coupled with the $2/hour raise he recently got (yeah babe!), hopefully this month's paycheck will be a nice big one.
-I do get to see Justin for a day or two here and there in the midst of the never-ending work trip.
-I'm blessed that both sides of our family are super helpful and supportive, and are willing and eager to have Lizzy and I come and stay for a few days, have us over for dinner, help out with anything I need, and call to check in on us. My family (many of whom I'm also lucky enough to claim as friends) is awesome.
-Even though I haven't been doing Insanity, I have managed to get in workouts from Jillian Michaels' new "Ripped in 30" DVD nearly every day--which actually are a lot of similar exercises to Insanity, but in a 30 minute format, which just feels a lot more manageable right now. The other day, she even told me to 'dig deeper,' LOL!
-We played our first softball game last night, and won 20-2! Wooo! We all played well, and it was a ton of fun. It doesn't ruin my night when we lose, but I have to admit that it's much more fun when we win! And I'm much stronger and faster than I was last year (I can hardly believe that I had only had Lizzy 4 months ago when we played last year!), and it feels awesome.
-Today, I get to have breakfast with my best friend from high school! She lives out of state and works nights as a nurse, so we don't get to see each other or even talk to each other all that often, but I love that when we do connect, it's like no time has passed at all. I have a handful of friends like that, and I've always thought that it really is the mark of an awesome friendship!
-Speaking of awesome friends, Kaitlin, Jesse, and Jaxon will be here in 17 days!!! Hopefully, Justin will be here too...

Trying to remember that the good outweighs the bad this week...once again, "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" has become my ANTHEM.



  1. So glad you have family close to help you through these times. Hope your week is great! (your pic will be coming today from me, just FYI)


    Jillian is a killer but her workouts are awesome.

  2. Your good list is way longer than your bad list - so good wins - as it should.

    It is tough being solo mom... hooray for your family being close. I really wish ours was.

  3. The countdown is so on! Can't wait to see you guys! Also, I am totally jealous that you have family so close! ;)

  4. I worry about the clinginess when my husband deploys again after the baby is born. Does it end after a few days or is she always like that? I don't know how I'll handle a clingy little girl for 3-9 months at a time.

  5. Oh my heart goes out to you with the clinginess! Makes everything just that much more stressful. I love how you are putting things in perspective. (funny, the word verification here is "props" which is what I'm giving you, Mama!)

  6. Oh man, that bright yellow with the white letters made my eyes freak out. Whoo. Crazy.

    Best of luck with your coming weeks. Soon they'll be over and you'll wonder where the time went. Or so people tell me. I'm counting the passing days with scratches on my wall, haha.

  7. Cute Post Mere! I have not commented lately but read every post.
    if it helps, at least somehow... I've been in two long term relationships, and I had to deal with distance in a daily basis and for weeks.... So...yeap...stinky... it feels like I'm predestined to it. and I hate it so much. so enjoy every piece of Justin you can possibly get ;) and Vive la buena vida ! :)


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