Thursday, April 7, 2011


-Remember how last Friday I posted all those spring-y pictures and said I was so excited that spring was finally here? Yeah, it's snowing right now. And we have softball practice tonight. Awesome.

-Oh, and also a 5k on Saturday morning. Justin is going to push Lizzy in the jogger--he has never run using the jogger, so I think this will be very interesting. On one hand, I'm kind of stressed because even though 3.1 miles probably doesn't seem very far to most people, I've never run that far. And we haven't been training, just doing Insanity (though we've even been slacking a little there these last few days). I know we're in good cardiovascular shape, but I just don't feel totally prepared. I keep telling myself that we're just going to go and do it, and if we have to walk some of the time, who cares (I tell myself this, but I'm not sure whether or not I totally believe it!).

-Lately, I've been trying to be good about asking Lizzy questions whenever she's fussy (i.e. "Are you hungry?" or "Do you need your diaper changed?"). When I finally ask the right question, she makes this face:


-I'm really excited about doing a special feature on Good Friday called "The Power of the Cross" that combines photography and my faith. I'm looking for other people to participate, so if you're intrigued or want to participate, let me know! This is kind of one of those things for me where I feel pretty strongly that I'm supposed to do it, but I need a lot of help and support to actually make it happen. I told Justin last night that it's sort of one of those situations where it's like, "Okay God, I'm listening, but NOW WHAT?!"

-Last Friday, I made myself a "pizza" that consisted of whole wheat crust, balsamic vinegar, spinach, strawberries, and blue cheese. It was delicious. I can't stop thinking about it and how I want to make it again plus chicken. Or maybe in a turkey-pannini form:


-As many of you are probably aware, unless congress can get it together, there will be a government shut-down on Friday. I get pretty riled up about this, and one of my major frustrations is that I feel like the politicians keep forgetting that there are real people who will be severely affected by the shut-down (because let's face it, many of them won't be severely affected). Our good friends Kait & Jesse are a good example--in which Jesse would be expected to keep coming to work and not be paid. Seriously, go read her blog post {Walking A Line Between Panic and Prepared}.

-And just because:



  1. Love that last photo, the pizza looks yummy and GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! You'll totally rock.

  2. I am loving Lizzy's face! We are trying out "your" pizza crust this week! I am excited. The store bought crust just isn't doing it for me anymore!

  3. What a yummy yummy snack and precious smirk!

  4. It's good that you guys have been taking a bit of Insanity break before the race! Your body needed that... you had to charge your batteries if you know what I mean. It'll be good. I 'm excited to hear about this.

  5. Softball practice in the snow? Don't you Oregonians know how to cancel things?

    And not to worry. I'm in killer CV shape and running is like murder.

    As to Congress... ugh. I'm done voting for major parties.

  6. I'm interested in the photography/Good Friday thing!

    Pizza looks amazing, Lizzy is gorgeous, and have fun making snow angels tonight ;)

  7. Gorgeous pictures Mere! Good luck with the 5k!

  8. Yum - that pizza looks great. You so have Saturday in the bag - just have fun. Love that smile on Lizzy.

  9. Oh... and I can't wait to see your project. Still have your 12 weeks bookmarked for when I someday get a big girl camera to try it with.

  10. I know the weather has been crazy here in PDX so I can only imagine how it is in southern Oregon.

    Good luck on your run/walk! Doesn't matter what time you get, just as long as you put your effort forward and it sounds like that's what you're doing!

    And that last picture of lizzy? SO precious.

  11. Thinking of you and that 5K! You've totally got this!

    And yum! Good idea with the blue-cheese/strawberry pizza:)

  12. Hope your 5k went well this morning...I'm sure you did great!


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