Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letter to Lizzy- Fifteen Months

Dear Lizard,

Last week, you officially turned 15 months old. As always, this past month has brought lots of fun developments and changes! For example, since we've been staying with Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Mike, you've really enjoyed playing with their dog Buddy, and have learned how to bark. Any time Buddy barks, you respond with a loud "Whoo! Whoo!", which is your best interpretation of "woof".

You also have also had lots of experience talking to your dad on the phone recently, and now love to pretend that anything and everything is your phone, and walk around just jabbering away.


One of your favorite things to do right now is to sing Ring Around the Rosey. You love to spin around as fast as you can and then sit down on your bottom. And then at the end of the song, you often throw your hands in the air as if to say "TA DA!"



You are very interested in giving loves, and were quite concerned when your Aunt Courtney was sick this past week. Several different times, you accidentally woke her up trying to give her pats and loves.


This past month we also took you to the park that used to be my favorite growing up. I have to admit, it's still pretty cool, even though they've since removed all the coolest parts because they were too 'dangerous'.


You had a lot of fun climbing through the maze, and love swinging and going down the slides!


This month hasn't been without its challenges--you have basically been attached to my hip 24/7 (which can get a little exhausting), but it has also been a lot of fun watching you interact with us more and more every day. You are so smart baby girl, and I hope you're always proud of that!

All my love,


  1. Her outfit in picture #1? Freaking adorable. At only 15 months she looks like SUCH a big girl!! I can't believe that'll be us in no time!

  2. I agree...she definitely looks like a big girl now. Adorable! I'm sure her antics are too cute to handle :)

  3. Look at her! Love the arms up photo - she is so stinking cute.

    Killing with the pigtails... but in that photo with the keyboard... oh man does she look so grown up!

  4. She is so sweet!

    We had a park similar to that when I was growing up that was also my favorite. So fun!

  5. Seriously, can she get any more adorable? I love the "Ta da!"

  6. aww she is such a cutie. I love that she says "ta da" when shes done singing ring around the rosey.

  7. She's too cute!
    I love old wood parks- that one looks so cool. They remind me of my childhood too.

  8. LOVE HER! I can't wait to snuggle her in a few weeks!

    Also I agree with Katie-that first outfit is just freaking adorable ;)


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