Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: Playtex Sport Body Wipes

I don't know if I've mentioned it before on this blog, but I'm a member of a pretty cool website called {Crowdtap}.Through it, sometimes I have the opportunity to sample products or throw house parties. I also have the opportunity to give feedback to brands, answer surveys, and sometimes be awarded with money for my responses that I can cash in as an Amazon Gift Card--I've cashed in $50 already this year. Plus, 5% of everything you earn is donated to a charity of your choice, and then Crowdtap matches the donation.

Anyway, I recently had the opportunity to review and share the new Playtex Sport Body Wipes that were launched earlier this month. I was kind of excited about them, because I thought the single-serving packages would be nice for after our softball games this spring and summer--we often end up going out to eat or grocery shopping after our games, and it would be nice not to always SMELL like I had just played softball.

That said, I have pretty sensitive skin and have had some BAD reactions to beauty products before, so I thought it was wise to try these out in the privacy of my own home first! So today, after my Insanity workout, I tried one out.

The first thing I noticed was the scent. It's labeled by Playtex as "Fresh and Clean"--and it was pungent, but not unpleasant. Personally, I would have appreciated a bit of a milder scent (I usually shy away from scented body products due to the aforementioned reactions), but it wasn't bad and didn't make me break out in hives, so that's a plus. The package says "Great for the entire body!" and notes that the wipes are alcohol free, but I still didn't feel comfortable using the wipe on my face--the scent was just too strong for me and I was worried that it might cause breakouts.

Additionally, it bears mentioning that while these are billed as being a great alternative to a shower when you don't have the time (say after working out on your lunch break), I think that they're going to be most useful in terms of moderate exercise...'cause let's be honest, after Insanity, my hair is so drenched with sweat that I'm not sure that using a body wipe would make that much of a difference. However, for moderate exercise, and especially hiking, I think these could be a great addition to my bag of tricks.

One caveat--these seem very much like scented baby wipes to me, so in order for these to be something that I'd actually purchase, I'd need them to be priced similarly to baby wipes. Assuming they were, I think I probably would purchase these in the future.

Oh, and also, the wipes say that their flushable, but I am fairly sure my husband (who works for a plumbing company) would beg to differ, or at least recommend against it. And there you have it.

Note: I was provided these sport wipes by Playtex, through Crowdtap. As part of my participation on Crowdtap, I will be writing a similar review of my experience with this product. The top 1 in 25 reviewers receive a $25 credit towards an Amazon gift card, but other than that opportunity, I did not receive any compensation for this post. In fact, a blog post was in no way a requirement of Crowdtap...I just blog about pretty much everything in my life, and figured that some of the women who read my blog would either (a) be interested to hear about a product like this or (b) have seen this product already and wondered whether it was worth it. So there you go!

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