Monday, May 2, 2011

BQOTD: Spring Dinners

Burning Question of the Day: What's your favorite meal for spring? I'm tired of the heavy winter dishes, and would love some ideas for light and fresh spring dishes--preferably seafood free!


  1. We've been eating off a ham and swiss quiche, served with fruit. Yummy, light, and easy!

    I also adored this ( pasta dish last summer.

  2. grilled chicken on salad...
    poppy seed dressing and strawberries
    caesar with croutons and bacon.
    black beans, salsa mixed with sour cream for the dressing... yumm
    with pasta salad. - now I am starving.

  3. One of my go-to dishes - whole wheat pasta tossed with olive oil, diced tomatos, chopped up asparagus and shrimp [I know you said no maybe do chicken?]. Topped with parmesean cheese. Super easy, super yummy!

    Another hit around here is mixed greens with chicken, black beans, canned corn [one of the "spiced" up varieties], tomatos and avocado, topped with a salsa/light sour cream dressing. Yum!

  4. Saw this one and thought of you:

  5. We've been grilling a lot lately. I love to make kabobs with chicken or steak and tons of veggies. I always make extras because they can be great snacks or can easily be made into a salad.

  6. chicken salad on croissants! quick, nice and cool, and you can make a large batch and freeze it to use on salads, sandwiches, or crackers as a quick protein snack! :)

  7. Meat on the grill with grilled veggies...I'm ready for watermelon season!


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