Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Bookish Girl

Have you guys seen the trailer for the movie adaptation for The Help? It's coming out this summer, and I'm really excited for it! I can't remember the last time I saw a movie-based-on-a-book that I enjoyed, but this one looks like it's perfect. Here's the trailer:

Also, I finally finished reading this:

Outlander Book #5

This was the slowest Outlander book by far, I think. It was interesting, and I'm sure it helps move along the entire series, but for whatever reason, I just wasn't particularly excited to get into it. In fact, I was very bad and ended up keeping the book for a full 10 days after it was due at the library just so I could get it finished and move on to something else. 

Right now, I'm reading a book for an upcoming review at BlogHer book club. I have to admit, receiving free books and getting paid to review them is definitely a dream job. In fact, it might even top photography as my number 1 dream! I'll hold off commenting about this one for now, but I'm reading this: 
I also had the distinct luxury of going to the library all by myself the other day, and actually found a couple of things right on the shelves--which is a rarity at my local branch (which mostly stocks Louis Lamour and romance novels). Among the bunch were Rescue by Anita Shreve, Posh by Lucy Jackson, The Fates Will Find Their Way by Hannah Pittard, and The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton.

So far, the only one I've started is Posh, and I think it's going to be a perfect light-hearted and witty book. Every once in awhile, I need a book that's the equivalent of reality TV, and I think this might be it--in the best way possible. 

What are you guys reading? Anything good?


  1. Gah! No, nothing totally mind blowing which is sort of bumming me out. I covet your reviews and suggestions! I might start the Outlander series but the number of books intimidates me. Other than that, Liz Curtis Higgs has two books on my radar that I'd love to dig in to. She's one of my favorite authors and writes the best books.

  2. funny, i'm actually reading The Help right now! and LOVING it!

  3. ooo... I hadn't heard about The Help as a movie. I hope it does the book jutsice.

  4. Ok, never mind. I just watched the trailer for The Help and I'm definitely reading it next!

  5. Hmmm... I think "The Help" is going to be great to watch - but the 'feeling' of the trailer is much different than I expected it to be. Oh, and I love the comparison of a light book to reality TV - perfect!

  6. Oh my gosh I had no idea it was gonna be a movie!! Ack, I teared up and got chills watching the trailer. Will DEFINITELY be seeing that one!

  7. I loved The Help, but the trailer I saw previous to this post made it seem like the movie was going to be a comedy, which isn't what I took from the book at ALL. that being said, I'm still excited about seeing Emma Stone play Skeeter - talk about perfect casting!

    right now I'm reading Love The One You're With and I still have to finish The Book Thief, though I'm not very far into it.

  8. That trailer reminded me how much I loved The Help! I would love to see it with you!! :) And I agree, it does look like they did a good job. The humor definitely seems like it will come through...I hope they nail the depth as well.

    Possibly a dumb question but have you read Water for Elephants?

  9. I was trying to read Housekeeping and couldn't get into it... so I started this instead. I LOVE it. I had no idea there was going to be a movie. Love it!

  10. I will probably be the last person on earth to read The Help. I have heard so much about it, but have never even thought about reading it. Now I think I need to.

    I saw the Jane Austen book in Barnes and Nobel the other day and thought it would be a good read. Let me know what you think!

  11. Jane Austen Education looks interesting.

    Currently I am reading Raffi's autobiography, Raffi: The Life of A Children's Troubadour.

    What can I say, I really do love Raffi!

  12. I'm reading a bunch of stuff about nationalism in Habsburg Bohemia. It's half really interesting, half oh god oh god I just want to be finished with school.

  13. Next book on my to-read list is "One Thousand Gifts" - Ann Vaskamp, I think is the author.


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