Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Says, Who Says You're not Crafty?

* Title should be sung to the tune of Selena Gomez's new song. Wait, what do you mean you don't know Selena Gomez's new song? You don't have a husband who DVR's every episode of Phineas & Ferb ever made and has watched the latest "new" episode three times in the span of two days? Oh.

Usually, I tell people that I'm not very crafty. Indeed, I have had some crafting/DIY mishaps:
-Worst cake EVER
-Disco Pumpkin

However, I've also had some crafting successes:
-Mary Jane Baby Booties
-Heck, I even made ceiling tiles into wall art, as can be seen in this post.

So, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not inherently not-crafty. I CAN be crafty, especially when I'm following some sort of tutorial or have something specific in mind. I think the real issue is that since I'm only a sometimes crafter opposed to an all-the-time crafter, I just don't have the crafting STUFF.

For example, I am dying to make these glitter flats:

{photo and tutorial from We Are Not Martha}

However, it seems like such a big investment to me because I don't own Mod Podge, I don't keep glitter on hand. When people suggest framing scrapbook paper or whatnot...well, I don't own scrapbook paper. Heck, I don't even own any of those little foam brushes. So while y'all are like, "Hey I made this for free with things I already own!" I'm thinking, "That would cost me $50 to buy the materials...and then what if it doesn't turn out?!" 

Anyone out there with me? 

I think it might be a good idea to slowly start stocking up my crafting supply, because I'm sure that most things (like the glitter and mod podge) will be used again and again in doing crafts with Lizzy. Maybe I should just plan to buy something craft related every month. And actually add craft stuff to my one other recurring item on any holiday shopping list (Old Navy Gift Cards is the other).

I'm gonna do it. Heck, I'm feeling emboldened after painting a newborn cradle turquoise (more on that later). I'm gonna glitter up some shoes. 

By the way--every single person I know calls mod podge "Modge Podge"--but there is no extra "ge" in Mod on the package and it drives me CRAZY.


  1. I'm with you on the crafting! I can do it if I put my mind to it and have some GOOD directions, but I usually have to go out and buy stuff, so unless I'm making lots of something (i.e. wedding favors, etc.), it's usually just cheaper to buy the finished made product... Haha

  2. I just used Mod Podge this past weekend!! I'm going to post about my crafty project this week, actually. I am SO not crafty (didn't even know what MP was, frankly), but I really enjoyed this particular project.

  3. whenever I get a good coupon to Hobby Lobby or someplace like that, I try and grab a thing or two to have on hand. I have also been checking out the clearance isles. I've found some cute stickers and a foam R among other random things in there. I figured they would be good for crafts at some point!

    And uh, I call it modge podge. Oops :o)

  4. Hobby Lobby sends out 25% and 40% off coupons about every 6 weeks. Michael's does something similar. And I called Mod Podge 'Modge Podge' for the longest time. It's a hard habit to break!
    Happy Sometimes-Crafting!

  5. I'm the same way....I'm not normally a crafty person. Some projects are a huge fail and some turn out spectacular [Eli's pinwheel mobile]. I rarely have craft supplies in my house and I know if I were to invest in it, it would NEVER get used. So sad...I really wish I had it in me :)

  6. Love mod podge!

    And I am SO with you on being irritated w/people mis-pronouncing words! On the DC metro there is a stop "Judiciary Square".. ALL of the drivers say "JudicUary Square" UGH. John says "expecially" (instead of "eSpecially" too which drives me batty.

  7. I call it modge podge lol! but I too am with you on the miss-pronouncing of words...yes the person who miss pronounces mod podge.
    We have a creek near by where lots of people go 4-wheeling and fishing and such called Jim Creek...our neighbors who are new to Alaska call it Jim's drives us bonkers lol!

  8. Ok Understood "Mod Podge" ;)
    Same here, I do love Scrapbooking
    but you can't even find the material aroun here. So... I'm totally with you when it comes to stock of craft material.

    Love the shoes! We like to see how they turn out!

  9. I feel the same way! I *never* have all those things that people say they just "whipped up from old things laying around the house". Another confession: I hate doing messy toddler crafts. hate it. hate glue. hate playdoh. Thank goodness my 3 year old gets all kinds of crafty time at preschool or I would feel like a terrible mom

  10. Sometimes you can get lucky at garage sales with crafting stuff! And those foam brushes are dirt cheap, esp. if you use a Michael's 50% off coupon.
    It is fun to hoard crafty stuff so you can do little projects on a whim, even when my experiments don't turn out I feel accomplished for at least trying to be all Martha Stewarty :)

  11. Definitely invest in mod podge. It's the best ever. I have used it for a lot of different stuff. Great for collages, covering tables etc etc etc

  12. I bought my first bottle of mod podge when I was pregnant with my son and made his name letters for his nursery. Used wooden letters purchased from hobby lobby. a bottle of mod podge and scrap book paper in different shades of green.

    I still have half a bottle of mod podge 2 years later, its slowly getting used, and I found it has come in handy for lots of projects.

    p.s. i think you are super crafty! I've been wanting to do headbands since I saw them on your blog.

  13. Mod Podge is a must have. I use it for everything!! Oh and having some of those foam brushes is a good investment too. But...I try and craft a lot. So I've got all this stuff already. Try and go online and print some coupns. They are so handy to have when going to Hobby Lobby!

  14. ok, i am totally laughing at the mispronunciation of mod podge - i know!! i used to do the same thing until i looked at the actual spelling. =)
    we are stoked because when a good friend moved last year, she gave us all her "extra" crating stuff, including a big moDpodge bottle. gotta love *free* craft supplies!


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