Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Motherhood Should Come With...

Sometime last week, I came across a blog called {The Gypsy Mama}. On it, she has a feature called "Five Minte Friday". She gives a prompt, and you just write about it stream-of-consciousness style for five minutes. On one post, I saw her say to "just write, without worrying about whether it's all just right." It's hard to pinpoint exactly why or how, but it was like I exhaled when I came across this post. I looked forward to Friday all week.

Today's prompt is "Motherhood Should Come With..."

Ready, GO.

Motherhood comes with many different things already--the "mama instinct", unbearable joy, terror. But there are a few things that it really SHOULD come with if I had my way. Like a housekeeper. And an IV drip of caffeine. Or better yet, once you have a child, your body should no longer require more than 2 hours of sleep a night. Motherhood should come with the promise that our bodies will immediately bounce back to normal within a week of each pregnancy.

But most of all, sometimes I think that motherhood should come with a set group of friends. I wish that upon becoming a mother, you could be bestowed with a magical group of five friends who magically teleport together once a week to have coffee while the kids play together nicely and behave. This magic group of friends should be like-minded, but just different enough to allow for conversation. They should be fiercely loyal, and only criticize when absolutely warranted (not even secretly to their husbands once they get home). Because really, every mama just needs some support.


Happy Mother's Day everyone.

PS- Even though we're not supposed to edit, I wanted to add that I have fantastic friends. But sometimes lives and states get in the way. I absolutely wish for a magical group that would come together once a week, no matter what! If only! 


  1. Motherhood can be a lonely job, especially at first. A group of friends in your stage of life or who have gone before is HUGE. Moms groups are a good place to go looking if you don't have that and if you do... count yourself very blessed!

    Great thoughts!!

  2. Living in a fairly new city... it is hard to find that group of friends. I have a bible group for moms and women that meet every week - but is too big sometimes for the intimate discussions we need sometimes. 5 sounds just perfect. I am so down for that IV drip too.

  3. Amen on the friends! Not only do they have to be similar to us, but our kids have to get along - it can be really hard finding a good match.

  4. This is an awesome idea and awesome post.

    I completely agree with the friends... I have a few IRL friends that I can go to for this, but I am happy that I also have found e-friends that I know support and pray me through hard times, and I know you have those as well!

    Happy Mothers Day! You are great!

  5. Oh Yes! I can think of several friends I wish I could teleport over for an afternoon of encouragement! Thanks for linking up today!


  6. I'm working on my teleporting machine but it's just not working! I don't know what's wrong...

  7. There's just something abt. Your writing that
    I can't explain. It makes me wish I could
    Be one of these good friends you mentioned.
    Sometimes I feel like I've known you for a
    longtime.Anyway-you might be thinking
    I'm a weirdo-Great post!.
    Love to see topic variety back ;)
    Happy Mother's Day Meredith!


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