Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Easiest Way to Get Beachy Curls--No Curling Iron Needed.

You guys have to check out this video from thelipstickdiaries that shows a quick way to get natural looking waves/curls overnight with no heat. I tried it the other night and really liked it, but I would definitely recommend heeding her suggestion to wait until your hair is 80-90% dry before doing it.

Now, even if you can't watch the video, jump ahead to 7:02 to see what the hair looks like when you're finished. The first night I tried this, I didn't tell Justin what I was doing, and I was a little worried that he would think I was insane with my hair rolled like that, but he didn't comment at all and make fun of me tons. Yesterday, I was telling my sister about this new technique and told Justin, "Yeah, that's why my hair looked weird when we went to bed last night."

He responded, "Oh, I hadn't even noticed."



  1. haha, his comment just cracks me up! I'll have to check out the tutorial and see how it works, my hair usually goes try to frizz unless I use a curling iron.

  2. oh I am trying this tonight! I honestly think in the video her hair up looks really cute like that!

  3. Well, obviously, we need a picture of the curls on you!

  4. Oh my goodness, I soo want to try this TONIGHT but I'm not sure if I'll have the time. Soon, though...very very soon!

  5. I washed my hair, blow dried it a tad, and then proceeded to do the weavingy thing. I look absolutely hilarious. There are pictures but I'm pulling faces in every single one of them. I'll just draw it and put it on my blog, okay?

  6. I need to try this, too, I just pinned it last night. Is her accent not just to die for? I spent an hour watching some of her other videos on youtube just because I like hearing her talk, lol.
    And yes, this post is just useless without a picture of you in the curls!

  7. I decided to try this today. I'm rocking the head band at work & will take it out later for the curls & I have gotten SO MANY compliments on my hair & people wanting to know how I did it. Random strangers gave stopped me even! I think just the head band look is super cute! Can't wait to see if my hair will hold the curls!

  8. I finally had a chance to try this over the weekend and it WORKED! I was so amazed!


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