Tuesday, May 31, 2011

30 in 30 Progress

So, my 30 in 30 challenge has been a little bit more difficult than I anticipated because the weather has TOTALLY thrown me for a loop. I thought we were on to warmer weather, so I planned my 30 Days of clothes around summer weather. Instead, it's been raining and frigid since last week.

Anyway, as some of you asked, I have been taking pictures...even though I don't love looking at pictures of myself at the moment. And the door without trim drives me nuts, but it's the only location near something that I can set my camera on to take a self-portrait.

Wednesday 5/25
Heading to a Youth Event at a church where the band was playing

Thursday 5/26
Running errands. I changed into jeans and a t-shirt after working out around noon, but after that we just went to Justin's softball game anyway.

Friday 5/27
Hung out and then took the band photos

Saturday 5/28
No picture, but I actually did wear clothes from the plan. We had band practice and then visited with Justin's parents. I wore jeans and the pink C9 shirt. And my black fleece 'cause it was freezing.

Sunday 5/29
Headed to church. Threw in a second pair of jeans due to being tired as heck of the first...not sure whether they'll be one of my 5 "extra" pieces or just a cheat item.

Monday 5/30
Visiting with my parents. I changed into black shorts for part of the day.


  1. Very cool. I love the first photo with Lizzie behind you, super cute!

  2. I love your wavy hair, didn't notice the door until you pointed it out, and am desperate to know where you found those yellow flats because I want them.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. In L-O-V-E with the Yellow shoes! {Can you tell where u got 'em?;)}
    also love the wavy look! Looks Good!.
    I'd love to see 5/27'th look with the Red Cardie on... how abt that?
    Tks for such a refreshing post. It made my Lunch time much more fun today ;)

  5. Sar and Noe-- the yellow shoes are actually Crocs! I got them for the garden, but they are really comfy!

  6. Awesome! I'd never guess.
    Looks really cute ;) and they're actually sold in Soth Am. YEY! :)

  7. all great outfits, your hair looks super cute curly, and I love the yellow shoes. :)

  8. Great outfits!

    And I LOVE all of your shoes!!!!

  9. I think you're extremely adorable!

  10. I just have to say, I think you look awesome Mere! Seriously, awesome!

    I love the curls on you, and I miss you already, friend!

    The end :)

  11. loving that wavy hair and I too... and that red cardigan - love a good cardigan.


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