Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Things That Made Me Smile

Here's a collection of random things that made me smile this morning. Most I discovered on Pinterest, which I still have not joined but manage to spend lots of time on, LOL.image source

Kathrine Switzer at the Boston Marathon in 1967--at that point, women weren't allowed to run the marathon because it was considered to be too dangerous. This gentleman (a race official) famously yelled "Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!" while attempting to tackle Switzer. Her boyfriend shoved him out of the way and the two finished the marathon. Still, it was another 5 years before women were officially allowed to run.

image source

Hope one of these might have made you smile!


  1. LOVE. Love. LOVE. I'm kind of refusing to join Pinterest, because I am great at wasting time already.

  2. The font commentary picture = hilarious. I like fonts.

    Although I think Comic Sans is overused, the blah Arial font signage isn’t much better (at least it isn't all caps with excessive exclamation points.)

    Professional doesn’t have to be sterile. Add a border or something, or some lovely clip art.

  3. That comic sans one is SO spot on! I hate it when companies use that font. It makes my skin crawl. Love the second one, that made me laugh!

  4. One of my graphic design teachers in college taught us that there were certain typefaces never to use so I find the one sign in Comic Sans and the reply about "not being a lemonade stand" freaking hilarious. I am still laughing! So great.


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