Thursday, May 12, 2011


They may not be huge, but thanks to your suggestions on the last "Peek Into My Life" post, I've made a couple small changes to the living room! Here it is as it was in the last post:


And here it is today (actually, yesterday before the party--it's already trashed again, lol):


No huge changes here--I made some more pillows in the same two fabrics that I used before and then added some canary yellow ones as well. I also spent the week after I posted evaluating how much I used the Pack N Play and decided that it really wasn't that often, so I wanted to try putting a kid-sized table and chairs in that same corner. Lizzy LOVES to sit up there and color or read her books. I also added some 3-wick candles to the bookshelves, and that's about all!


  1. I love the pillows! Looks very nice.

    How big girl is that... trading the pack-n-play for table and chairs?

  2. Very nice! I love those bookshelves.

    ::sigh:: I have got to get started with SOMETHING in my house!

  3. I love the pillows - the turquoise and canary is perfect to brighten up the room, and seems "so you" (I say even though I don't *really* know you, ha). I think this room looks totally cozy and the perfect place to sit and chat and watch kids play! Still loving your gallery wall.

  4. The pillows are adorable! They look great in the room!

  5. The pillows are so cute! Love the colors and the fun prints!

  6. Perfect changes!

  7. I am so jealous of your awesome bookshelf!!

  8. I love the pillows, and the chairs are a great idea... I'd like to get some for Jaxon as well. Very cute stuff.

  9. Inspiring! Just spent last couple of days moving (By now I have got a Masters Degree in Packing/Moving).
    and haven't even started to organize things @ the new place.
    It's un believable how a touch of color can make wonders and light up the entire room!
    By the way I love your wall colors!


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