Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newborn Shoot #2

I got to do my second "tester" shoot for newborn photos yesterday! This time, for a 14 day old baby girl named Landrie along with her big sisters:

Landrie (30)


Landrie (40)


Landrie (19)



Landrie (14)

Landrie (28)

Landrie (26)

I needed this post. It's hard to have a bad day with sweet innocent baby staring you in your face.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! Where did you take the pictures? At their house?

  2. Beautiful. Very talented with your camera Meredith.

  3. Gorgeous... Love the three of them. You can't stay in a bad mood and look at these. I think you can move past testing phase.

  4. Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous baby, too. Since Thomas was born I don't get that achy baby feeling everytime I see a baby - probably b/c our baby reality was very cranky for 6 months. Until now: if there's a McKevitt #2 in the next year, your newborn photos are to blame.

  5. Gorgeous! If this were my family, I know I would be very very pleased!

  6. Those are beautiful and I just LOVE the feet picture! So sweet!

  7. Oh goodness that feet photo is killing me!! I love it so cute! great job!

  8. These are gorgeous!!

  9. absolutely beautiful, you did a wonderful job! That mini pink headband is too cute! Sorry to hear it's been a rough day...

  10. I want that baby's hat. Lucky I'm not in the country, because stealing from babies is frowned upon in society.


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