Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Yada Yada clan...

-My sweet husband worked 133 hours in the past two weeks. Suffice to say, we're both pretty exhausted.We're also both pretty thankful that he's an hourly employee rather than a salaried one.

-I am in *desperate* need of some highlights (see the last post for proof). I'm debating whether to go to the beauty school, or to enlist my sister to do the Frost N Glow highlights-in-a-box method.

-The cold-weather garden plants are mostly in. I also planted some iris bulbs this year, and I'm excited to see how those turn out. Also, I pruned one of the big bushes in front of our house last week, and my forearms had uncontrollable spasms for the rest of the day. It was kind of funny!

-Since our local pool is apparently filled with crazy-people who only offer infant swim lessons at 8pm, I've been searching around for an alternative nearby. I think I've found somewhere, and I'm excited. As of late, even your basic bath causes mass hysteria, so I want to get Lizzy back in the pool and familiar with things!

- I got Jillian Michaels's new "Ripped in 30" DVD, which has been awesome during these past crazy weeks where there's no way that I can fit 70 minutes of daily workout in (Month 2 of Insanity), but 20 minutes of Jillian seems much more manageable. Still, I can't help but notice that most of the exercises are veeerrrrrryyyy similar to Insanity. And Jillian even keeps telling me to "dig deep". I don't know whether to be thrilled that I'm not totally abandoning the Insanity workouts, or irritated that the two DVDs are so strikingly similar. On the upside, for those of you who indicated that you'd like to try Insanity but can't afford to shell out the cash, apparently "Ripped in 30" is a good alternative.

-I made a gallery wall. And some pillow slip covers. Both turned out kind of okay, but not perfect, which is pretty much why I hate doing crafts of any sort. I want things to be perfect, or not done at all. I followed all of the usual instructions for making a gallery wall--tracing paper the size of the frames, marking where the picture hangers are, taping the paper to the wall, measuring spacing, nailing in the holes, then hanging the frames. Still, the entire wall appears to be slightly tilted down and to the right. It actually is the same distance from the floor and the ceiling, it just appears to be slanted....I don't know what's up, but it's ticking me off. I might try putting actual picture hangers (opposed to just nails) up and see if that helps? It's the only relatively easy thing I can think to try, since I've already re-done the entire wall four times with no greater success. I kind of think our house just may be slanted. Seriously.

*100 bonus points to you if you get the post title reference.


  1. LOL! Okay, you saying that you needed highlights reminded me to call my hairdresser...cause I need some, too!! I get highlights every other hair visit and dye between to save money.

  2. 133 hours in two weeks?! Oh dear Lord, that sounds difficult. But hello, paycheck, right?

    I'm intrigued by "Ripped in 30". It's going on my list for a post baby workout because with two kids, who knows WHEN I'll be able to exercise.

  3. May I just say that I JUST LOVE !
    to read you.
    This post is so you. Reading you makes me miss the U.S so much.
    ok, back to reality now. Wish you a Heppy Easter, btwy loved your friday post.

  4. I just bought that DVD because you said it was similar in a previous post. I am trying it tonight.

    I am sure the gallery wall looks great!

  5. and PS... yada yada yada... and I was tired. one of my favorite episodes.


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