Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Because it's 7am and we're on our second meltdown of the day.
Because I'm exhausted and miss sleeping without holding a toddler.
Because I have a cold and need cheering up.
Because I want to remember this.

Lizzy has started to say an increasing number of words. For example, she can say "Banana" (Bah-NAAYYY). She takes great pride in saying Da-Da whenever she talks to Justin on the phone. If anything even slightly grazes her head, she clutches her head and says "OW!".

We've continued on the asking questions kick, and lately, instead of making the silly face that I mentioned in her 15 month letter, she says, "Tes!", which apparently means yes.

Lizzy loves to sing and play "Ring Around the Roses", and likes to join in saying, "Asses, Asses [we all fall] DOWN!", which admittedly, makes me crack up every time.

But perhaps my favorite Lizzy-ism to date came yesterday. We were in the car listening to a CD of kids Bible Songs, which I think that I like listening to way more than she does. Anyway, "Jesus Loves Me" came on, and I noticed that during the chorus, when the kids sing, "Yes, Jesus loves me!", Lizzy yelled "CHEESE!" as loudly as possible. Every time. The rest of the day, any time I'd ask her if she could say Jesus, she'd smile and yell "CHEESE!"


  1. :) Love the Lizzy-isms - Hope your day improves and that Lizzy caps it a two melt-downs...

  2. I thought (until early college) that Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" said he loved "cheeses, and America too."


  3. So cute!!

    Sorry it's been a rough day and I hope it gets better!

    I can't believe how much she talks for her age!

  4. I hope things get better - hand in there and know that it is all temporary and not forever.

    Cheese = best thing I have heard all week... love it!

  5. Oh my word, the cuteness.

    I hope you feel better soon! :(


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