Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Squishy Newborn Goodness

So, I've wanted to try newborn photography for awhile--I had a good idea about what it entailed, but it was one of those things that I just wasn't sure whether or not I'd love until I had a chance to actually try it. I thought that I'd give it a shot with Lizzy, but that just didn't happen. The first two weeks of Lizzy being born are just a gigantic blur of pain, bliss, joy, and exhaustion...and a photo shoot (especially one with me climbing onto chairs and laying on the floor) was the last thing on my mind.

I have quite a few (like seven) friends who are currently pregnant, so I asked a few of them if I could come try out newborn photography with their little ones. Yesterday, I got to photograph my friend Emily's ten day old son Josiah: 

Josiah (31)

Josiah (8)

Josiah (34)

Josiah (3)

Josiah (23)

Josiah (19)

I kind of want to do this every day.


  1. Addicting, isn't it? You did an amazing job!! I love the first photo...that smirk is too adorable!

  2. Those pictures are absolutely perfect and beautiful! They make me want to have another baby this very second. Great job!


    Great job :)

  4. What a gorgeous little guy! I especially love the one of his little feet beside his name in the Bible.

  5. I love them! Newborn, squishy goodness is so sweet! :)

  6. His little smile! OMG. To die for. Well done Meredith!!!!

  7. They turned out beautiful!!! You did an amazing job!!!

    I have my first newborn shoot in about a week and I am SO nervous! Any advice? ;-)

    How long did the whole shoot take? And was it hard to keep the baby asleep?

  8. They look great! I wish you lived closer so you could take Baby Girl's!

  9. mere,
    you did such a wonderful job capturing the deliciousness of my precious baby!!! i couldn't have hoped for more beautiful pictures ... you have exceeeded our expectations! i am so in love with my little angel,and having these pictures to capture this precious moment in time ... is such a GIFT.

  10. Um, GORGEOUS. I want a newborn to take pictures of! WAHH!

  11. I am jealous of your opportunity. These photos are wonderful! :)

  12. I think these are the best pictures I've ever seen of yours. You may have found something here Mere... seriously. Well done.

  13. Oh my goodness!! These are stunning. You have always taken such beautiful photographs - but this is your thing.

  14. These are beautiful Meredith!!

  15. WOW! These are wonderful! You do great work! Great job!


    Newbies are so wonderful-truly a grande gift!

    Great Job.


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