Monday, April 4, 2011


-My brother is trying to grow a handlebar mustache. {Okay, as a side point, the package of fake mustaches spells it "moustache", but spellcheck keeps telling me that's not correct...} Anyway, he even puts wax in it, but it is so thin that it looks RIDICULOUS. It looks like cat whiskers opposed to a moustache/mustache. But he thinks it's totally cool, so of course we like to give him a hard time about it every so often. So, when we came across these fake mustaches, we knew it was time for an impromptu photo session.

- I had all kinds of interesting and insightful post ideas for today, but unfortunately, they have all gone out the window. I guess Lizzy is teething again, which has resulted in several days of fevers and just puniness. And no sleep. And whenever she doesn't feel well, she throws non-stop temper tantrums, complete with hitting, biting, and trying to gouge out my eyes. And lifting up her arms to have me pick her up and then thrashing around and wanting down as soon as I pick her up. And then getting mad that I put her down. Honestly, I am EXHAUSTED. In fact, I just put her in her crib for five minutes because I need a cup of coffee and a short break. I'm hoping she falls asleep, but that's doubtful.

-I think we're going to have to start over on month 2 of Insanity. First of all, month two of Insanity is like 60-70 minutes long instead of 40 minutes. In my world, it is MUCH harder to get up at 4:45am to work out than at 5:15 or 5:30am. And when I've slept maybe six hours total in the last two days? Not happening.

-In good news, my friend Emily had her baby, Josiah, early! I love knowing that just a few hours after she wrote that post, he was born! God is good!


  1. these are hilarious! I love the reference to the cat whiskers :)

    I am so right there with the tantrums... I have bite mark on my leg. She did that for 2 straight days and then over the weekend - she barely even fussy.

  2. Haha, love the mustache's!

    Hope Lizzy's teething gets better. :( Cohen's first tooth finally came in a couple days ago... PTL. Now there's only like 20 more to go ;) haha

  3. Its looks like Lizzy does NOT like her 'stouche.

  4. Wow! Another pretty blog! I've been clicking on blog names on the UBP's listing, just because I like how they sound! Yours is one such blog--and it's a pretty one, too!

    I hope you can also check out my blog ( I'm on twitter - @martinedeluna, and also on Facebook (

    I appreciate reciprocal "likes" and connections via Google Friend Connect! I hope we can begin following each other :)

  5. Those mustaches are AWESOME. I have some in my house that I need to bring out.


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