Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 in 30: Week 2

I said this last week, but this weather has really been throwing me for a loop. I'm just not used to needing to wear sweaters and long sleeves in June! Consequently, I added extra items into my wardrobe most days this past week--I was getting tired of the black long sleeve/ black cardigan/ black fleece, which were the only semi-warm clothes that I had included in the wardrobe. I'm simply not willing to add them in to the 30 items because I know (hope) that it's going to finally get hot here any day.

So, I guess I cheated. Or made exceptions. Oh well...it's still been a positive thing because knowing that I have to take a picture of myself has helped motivate me to actually get dressed most days instead of just kicking it around in yoga pants. It's also making me think a little more about my wardrobe--what I love, what I love for other seasons, and what I could probably give away.

Tuesday 5/31
Lizzy and I met Justin for dinner at a local burger joint and then went grocery shopping. This was my attempt to be comfy, but maybe a little cuter than the usual jeans, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes that I normally wear for our big grocery shopping trips. I decided that these jeans would be a temporary placeholder in my 30 items until the weather warmed up and/or I found another pair of shorts that I like.

Wednesday 6/1
Honestly, I was exhausted Wednesday morning. I literally threw a belt and boots over my pajamas...so nothing that I wore was from the plan. I don't usually wear leggings out in public because I don't think they're particularly flattering on me, but oh well.

Thursday 6/2
Headed to Mom's Group. Everything I wore today was from the plan! Also, I debuted my glitter shoes, which I love!

Friday 6/3
Went to my little brother's graduation. Everything other than the cardigan was from the plan. Found some new shoes...I know they're wannabe Tom's, but I thought they were cuter than Tom's, and they were on super clearance for $5, so I bought them in turquoise and yellow.


Saturday 6/4
No picture. This is becoming a trend for Saturdays. I think I wore jeans and a sweatshirt.

Sunday 6/5
Went to church. It was actually sort of warm all morning! I was self-conscious about the jersey material clinging to my stomach, but it looks like I'm actually okay.

Monday 6/6
Spent the day running errands. Found a pair of shorts that will replace the second pair of jeans for the remainder of the time on the plan.


  1. I like your outfits! I need to dress a little better too and it looks like we have the same "style." :)

  2. I love your deal shoes! The outfits are super cute.

  3. Cute Cute Cute!
    Leggings? Definitely flattering!
    C'me on...!
    Have I said how much I love your yellow shoes?

    Looking good Mere!

  4. Love you Sunday outfit... you look beautiful!

  5. You look amazing in the dress!! I love the yellow shoes - $5!! Nice find.

  6. Those shoes are cuter than any Toms I've seen! Where did you get?

  7. You look great! Funny how taking outfit photos helps streamline your closet, I know my choices are much more thought out now that I style blog.
    We were out on the peninsula this weekend and therefore went to a Walmart (which I never do) and I almost got those yellow shoes - they're very cute!

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  9. Fun! This is something I need to do since I waste way too much time in front of my closet every single day freaking out about having nothing to wear.

    I adore those yellow shoes! And I love when you wear your hair all curly. Is it natural or do you style it? Either way, adorable and sexy :)

  10. I love the yellow shoes. Where did you find them?


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