Friday, June 17, 2011

A La Buena Vida First-- A Giveaway!


Not too shabby for a giant piece of artwork for $8.99, eh? You might notice that the turquoise turned out slightly darker than the online version, which didn't surprise me (even though I told Costco not to auto correct my print) because my monitor is not calibrated.

Anyway, this brings me to my next point--I'm not sure if you guys are as stoked about the idea of a family manifesto as I am, but I had a lot of fun making ours, and I'd like to make one for someone else.  So, I'm hosting a giveaway. This is a first here at La Buena Vida! Here are the details:

The randomly selected winner will receive a high resolution digital copy of their family manifesto (20 x 30, unless another size is requested) to have printed wherever you wish. You'll supply me with 16-18 phrases that you'd like to have included in your family manifesto. You'll also be able to pick your background color and select from several fonts that I provide. Please keep in mind that the final background color may vary slightly from your digital copy depending on the calibration of your monitor and where you have your manifesto printed.

So, if you'd like to enter, simply leave a comment telling me one thing that you'd include in your family manifesto. The giveaway will close Tuesday June 21st at 12pm Pacific Time. One entry per person please!


  1. I think one thing I'd like to have on our manifesto is the word respect or worship. I don't know! it is hard to pick one!

  2. Awesome giveaway! Thanks for offering it!

    I would like to see 'laugh daily' in our manifesto. Life really is too short to take everything too seriously.

    Happy Friday!

  3. cool idea! i just moved into my first place and this would be so fun to hang somewhere...

  4. I think I would includ "Peas & Carrots", when my son and I do stuff alone we call ourselves Peas & Carrots a la Forrest Gump. Makes my heart smile when I think about it!

    BTW- it looks awesome!

  5. Holy crap, I didn't realize how quickly you were moving on this! I love it Mer! Absolutely love it.

    It's totally corny, but I've been wanting to do something with these song lyrics:

    Be a best friend,
    Tell the truth,
    Overuse I Love You
    Do your best,
    Always treat your woman like a lady ,
    Don't outsmart your common sense,
    Never let your praying knees get lazy,
    And love like crazy

  6. I have a lot of hard financial issues, and my mom's always there for me... so, one of my phrases would.."You're my rock"

  7. Fantastic idea, LOVE IT!

    To me the base idea for a manifesto would be "Rely to God".

    Tks. MER for this awesome surprise...
    and this is why I LOVE FRIDAY!

  8. Oh my I love this... I have been trying to make my own similar to yours and failing miserably. I would love for you to make one as awesome as yours.

  9. awesome!! :)
    i think patience would be big and bold on ours! terrible twos and another one due in less than 3 months - we'll need some patience! :)

    if i don't win - i might be stealing this idea ;]

  10. Yours turned out beautiful! Love the turquoise (my favorite color :-)).

    I think mine would include "patience". I need that alot lately ;-)

  11. That looks just AWESOME hanging up! I can already think of quite a few phrases that I would include, but probably the most important would be WORSHIP THE LORD YOUR GOD!

  12. The first thing I thought of was, Love God & Love Others.

    Thanks Mer!

  13. what a wonderful idea - I think Kitty Paw would have to be included.

  14. Fun! The one phrase off the top of my head would be "Go Time".

  15. That's so cute! I love it. Manifestos are super cool. I think one phrase I would love to include is Work Hard Play Harder (okay, maybe that would be two phrases...)

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  16. This came out great! What a fantastic idea! I love the idea Leah had with the lyrics, I love that song... I can think of a lot that I might use, but I would definitely use "Don't sweat the small stuff". That's something I need to remind myself to do quite often...

  17. Oh so fun! I think one thing I would want on ours is 'be silly' because that is when we have our best family moments.

  18. Love the manifesto--what a great idea. One word I would include on ours would definitely be pray.

  19. This is awesome. I haven't seen one of these before and I now realize I need one!


    that's just off the top of my head.

  20. This is awesome!

    Dance would be my #1 word. We do it daily and it makes the day start right!

  21. I love it. Even if I don't win I've gotta get my hands on one!

    I would include: Dream BIG, Laugh LOUD, Love HARD

  22. Oh this is so cool! One word that would have to be on mine would be BELIEVE. This is something that I feel from the bottom of my heart, and it has stuck with me through all kinds of bumpy roads in my life!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Just want to say that I love your blog and this is a great giveaway! I would put the word trust in our husband is deploying a few weeks and I'll be a single mommy for 8 months! I firmly believe we have to trust in the Lord to help us through trying times :)

  25. LOVE this idea! I two things I would put are Patience and Apologize.

  26. I love this! I would include "be honest".

  27. This is so awesome!! It turned out great. A few phrases I'd want on mine:

    laugh together
    have faith
    sing loudly

  28. Great giveaway idea!!! many things but one that would HAVE to be included would be, "Think pretty." or our IF phrase that's gotten us through so far is, "It is what it is and it is whatever!"

  29. This is fun! Even if I don't win your giveaway, I might have to steal your idea and create one for our family. I lovelovelove it!!! A couple of mine might be "Be honest" and "Hash it out" and "Don't take yourself too seriously"...ooh, and I like your eat dessert :) I'd probably put "eat the ice cream" Thanks for a chance to win!!

  30. great idea- i would put "be kind" so important.

  31. Cool! I think I would include the word BOLDNESS:)

  32. Cool! I think I would use the word BOLDNESS!

  33. Love it... would want - "Have Faith".

  34. yahoo!! hmmm, i think "move our bodies" would go on mine. :) sounds pretty shallow, but is so essential for all of us.
    now i'm thinking of others ... :)

  35. The couple that I can think of off the top of my head?

    moose (Brayden's nickname)

    Love this! :)

  36. I love this!! I've seen these done before, and have the perfect place for one in our living room ;)

    A "must have" word for my family manifesto would be 'serve.'

  37. I love this idea! We could certainly use a daily reminder of the things that are important to us in our family.

    I'd say "never leave mad" would be one for us!

  38. One word I'd like is "Hug till it hurts!" This manifesto is so fun, great job!!

  39. It would have to include the words "BE KIND" I am raising 3 beautiful daughters but they have a way of being very rude to each other!

  40. Mine would include 'Kindness' and 'Faith, not Fear'. Love your manifesto.

  41. So fun! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway. I would include "faith"


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