Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BQOTD: It's the End of the World As We Know It

Today's burning question of the day was inspired by Leah mentioning her and her husband discussing a potential collapse of the US in their lifetime and where they'd go/what they'd do if that was the case. I've been seeing and hearing lots of people talk about this recently, but Justin and I haven't ever discussed it at all (maybe because we live in a small town where it feels less "dangerous"). So, I thought I'd ask. Today's burning question of the day is:

Do you have any sort of plan worked out for if the US (or whichever country you live in) were to collapse in your lifetime? Do you have any sort of plan for where you'd go and what you'd do if there were a nuclear attack or biochemical attack? 


  1. Hehe, the best part is that we didn't even work on a plan, it was just a debate of whether or not we believed it would happen.

    Tony firmly believes that it will not, while I believe that there is a strong possibility it could.

    I think that the mentality of Americans has dramatically changed SO much to the extreme that we may not be able to pull together to help ourselves out of a dire situation. Tony disagreed and still believes in the heart of American people.

    It was a really great conversation, even if we disagreed with each other.

  2. One day my dad said he wanted to come up with an Emergency Preparedness plan for our family. (While I love my family they're a little to the crazy side) I thought it was a great idea until he mentioned the crazy conspiracy theory he had behind it & that he basically wanted our family to go up into the hills "Red Dawn" style (it's a movie where the Russians take over). I basically told him that unlike the rest of our family I live in a major US city with several military bases that would likely be apart the attack that is part of his theory and would therefore be dead. Not sure that'd I'd stockpile weapons anyway and there are not many mountains where we live....

    Crazy family aside, John and I do have a plan of where to meet outside of the city if something were to happen. We've based it on access to the area, traffic and where we think others may try to go were something to happen. Whether that is a collapse of the US (which we don't think that would happen) an attack of some type or other natural disaster.

  3. My dad has told me since I was young, "Even Rome fell, the U.S. will too. Probably in your lifetime, but not mine." That has always stuck with me.
    I live in a different state than the rest of my family, separated by the Mississippi River. My dad and I have discussed if there was a nuclear attack/situation at the nearby nuke plant where I would go or what I would do. The solution we came up with ... well, we didn't come up with one. So basically, I'm screwed.

  4. I don't talk about this very often because A) it's often ridiculed and B) I don't think it's wise to disclose a whole lot about it, but yes, we have a plan. We have a place for immediate shelter here (one that would work for nuclear attack too, although I don't think that is what the future holds) and a more secluded place for long term shelter. We have food, water, basic need items, weapons, and ammo stored (stocked?). I do think a collapse is very possible and I truly believe that current events are just pushing us further and further toward that possibility. But even if a collapse/attack does not happen (and I hope it doesn't!) it does feel good to know that we are also prepared for a natural disaster (tornado or earthquake being the most likely for our location).

  5. OMG! Matt should answer this one. He's TOTALLY prepared...and I'm just in charge of the dogs if something were to happen. Although sometimes when I'm out of something in the kitchen, I do sneak a can or two of veggies from the emergency kit!

  6. Hmm. If the US balkanized, I'd mostly hope to be living somewhere else, which is sort of my plan already. Failing that, I guess Republic of Cascadia it would be.

    In the case of a nuclear war... well, I like to live in big cities, so I suppose I'd just die and not really have to worry about it.

    In a Mad Max, post-apocalypse kind of situation, I rather think it'd be a good idea to get a bunch of buddies together and try to seize a local Walmart. Guns, food, clothes, all kinds of shit there. Then we could live as kings until some rival gang booted us out.

  7. We haven't talked about a plan, but I feel like we probably should. We do have hurricane supplies (food, water) and we have ammo. I like the idea of having a set meeting place.

    Also... I have to laugh at Faith's reference to 'Red Dawn'... because that is totally what my husband wants to do 'in case of emergency!'

  8. I've already gotten out of the US ;)

  9. Ecuador. Easy-peasy. I've even got the school we want C to attend down there :)

  10. We do not have a plan--at least that I'm aware of. I married in to a family that is much more conservative than I am (fortunately my husband tend to be closer to the middle). Anyways, I noticed in several comments mentioned 'Red Dawn', which both my husband and father-in-law refer to as an example of their response to a hypothetical collapse of our country. I think it's hilarious in a ridiculous sort of manner. I personally think an economic collapse is much more likely, but I've been wrong about many things. Anyways, interesting question Meredith. Makes me think that we probably should have some sort of emergency plan/kit for events I think are a little more likely to happen.

  11. No we don't. Yes, we need to get on this. :)


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